May 17, 2009

To all my frnds who will be off for MBA...

Heyyyy Guys!!!! (itne saare log hai toh common note for everyone!!! :) )

I knw this is a suprize bt i jus realized hw much i will miss u guys... Suddenly everyones headers on orkut hav changed to "IIM ___ callin" .... n it jus stuck me hw much i m gonna miss u guys..

The times i had wid u in class was d most fun time ever.. d assignments n vivas n d exams...paper balls n d trips.. all d 4 years.. d hanging out.. d bday cakes n d masti.. words jus wont suffice yaar!!! all d times wid u.. made my life at VJ d most amazing time of my life..

I m sure ur future is going to be AWESOME!!! jao sab log IIM ko thoda aur awesome kardo!!! im sure wid all d scholis from around d place... they need scholi's who can freak out!!! lik u guys!! :)

All d best ppl..Chak de fatte...N rem, smile always!!! :)
will miss u all... (sniff)
Luv forever,
Annie. :)

special note i just HAD to add:
Swati, d time wid u in dance practice was amazinggg!!! ill never forget u.. ek lambi si sweetsi ladki.. always so diplomatic lik i always say.. coming from d always politically INcorrect me. .. hehe.. i m sure IIM C is lucky to get one scholi lik u.. hehe... make sure u infuse d campus wid some of d wizrds ka crazyyyyy antics.. though i m nt sure hw they will take it if u throw paper balls.... hehe... :) i soooo wish u cud hav come to d last trip.. we'll all miss u babes!!! If it wudnt hav been for a fantastic beginning of a whole new life for u... we wud hav d most perfect Bye Bye ever!!! :)


Hopeless Romantic said...

as u mentioned in the last post...first step in realization that college is over and we are moving towards our goals...and the real world outside !

Welcome to the big bad world !


Quest said...

I am still enjoying college-like life@office without the studying part ;) making my senior colleagues also to make a U-turn back :D but seriously missing the friends that made my life@college :(

PS: Was just googling to know what is VJTI :)
PPS: Sarcasm free comment here :D
Sunday special


itaws said...

hey annie....thanx a ton for dat yr...
DONT u worry da wizards crazyness aint leavin any of me....IIMC better b prepared 4 all of it!! :)..
I too sooo wish i cud've made it for da trip yr...our last one 2gether...! :(...but guess fate has something else in store!
..over da last 4 yrs.. really cherish some moments wid u yr...of course dance bein one of them.... but some u probably aint e1 aware of..!...times wen i was jus glad to have known some1 like u!... thanx 4 bein der.... lots of luv! TC and keep smilin always..!!-Swati :)

IcE MaiDeN said...


hehe!!! Big Bad World is about to go for a toss.. hold on world!! Annie is here... hehehe. :P :D

hmm yeah i was wondering whtever happened to sarcasm in dis one? :P quess my post FINALLY got mushy enuf to melt u.. (cheesy voice) :P :D

IcE MaiDeN said...


Awwww... Koi nahi. considering its US wizards.. i m sure well still plan a trip whn we are like 50. :P n yes, Dpak will still be posing, I will still be crazy... heheheh!! n evrythng else will pretty much be d same...

They can tak d Wizards out of d college bt not d college out of d Wizards. :) :)

яノςんム said...

all the best to all ur frnz too.. i know it feels very different wen all ur frnz go away :)

DPhatsez said...

:) and yet another butterfly emerges from the chrysalis, and flutters its wings to face the big bad world...

Jagged Edge said...

hey all the IIM peeps are gonna be super busy in their hectic life.. i pray they atleast get the TIME to make n throw paper balls!!

nice one...

bondgal_rulz said...

Awwww....all teh beat to you and your friends! :)


The Blue Indian said...

Nothing for the MS guys?

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