May 5, 2009

1 down 3 to go.

Multimedia Systems. Text. Images. Video. CCITT. Compression. Gtalk.
Awesome. Daisy Chaining. JPEG. TIFF. RIFF. Quick Time. mp3.
Display. RGB. Phosphor Triad. RAID. Disk, Redundancy.
Dreams. Server. Scanner. Video Conferencing. Ro. MLR 1.
Crap. 2 supplements. Snooze. 3 hours. Crap again. Done.
Sleep. Beauty Sleep. No wait. Tanenbaum. Distributed Computing. Sigh.

N here we go again. :

P.S: This aint a comeback post. Jus update. :P cudnt stay away for long naa. dats y. :)


neeraj_only said...

are confused annie , jaa padh....lolz.

Dr. Acula said...

Uhhhhh...What the What, NOW????? :-O :-O

Zai Kerkar said...

Until thursday evening, its gonna be:
client. server. election. bully. process. thread. crap. crap. bang head. corba. cobra. hisssss. replica. cache. bang head again.

i can just go on and on :)

Arnab Majumdar said...

Well... :D

Looks like you've been studying too much... have you??

Dream'R said...

oye u left out gettin scolded by me for being online all the time!!

And i tell u if u keep coming online..there ll be a lot more of that!!hmmpphhh

IcE MaiDeN said...




Corba. Cobra. Hisss..

(laughin so hard i hav tears in my eyes. :P )

IcE MaiDeN said...

hehe.. main confused nahi hu.. ther is SIMPLY no time to sleep!! sheesh!!! :(

lolz. exam tha aaj. after effects. :P

(makes a tragic face) koi kya jaane last sem engineers ki haalat. (snifff)
:D :D :D

yeah missed this line :

Online. 3 AM. Grumbling MOM. Scolding. Shoo. come again. Invisible.


The Blue Indian said...

LOL! U can make one list after every paper!

Btw how did MLR1 feature in the list? That's MY Class! And I didn't see you anywhere in or around that class!!!

IcE MaiDeN said...


Kuch BHi!!! MLR 1 is my class.!!

d on outside workshop na? 1st floor? u must hav confused it wid some other class. :P i m sure i didnt see u anywhr in my class. :)

Nd i AM planning on posting similar lists after every paper. :P

The Blue Indian said...

@Ice Maiden

NO WAYS! MLR1 is MY class- I even checked the list put up in the main building and it shows me placed in MLR1.

Its YOU who got confused with the numbers! MLR1 is 1st floor me workshop ke saamne ki gully me EKDUM CORNER ka class. I think u r in the next one- that's MLR-2! Check again!

(PS: LOL.. after spending most of our last four years here, we are still confused about CLASS NUMBERS!)

яノςんム said...


exams i know.. :D

glad to know u r back!! i thot, ths bad tht i juz dived in and u decide to leave :D


Dr. Acula said...

YAY!! I know RGB now..Red Green Blue, hai na hai na??? HEHE..Computer class rocks! \m/ :D

Jagged Edge said...

thats MLR 2 girlie!! [:P] couldnt help making this tiny addition to end the incessant debate between u n karan!! sheesh!

n hey nice gist of the crazy big bad world of 8th sem subjects!! with zai's addition obvi :)

The Blue Indian said...

@Jagged Edge

Shee yaar.. chalne dena tha na.. she wud hav never agreed ki her class is NOT MLR1.. mazaa aata! :P

bondgal_rulz said...

How'd the first exam go ????

And ohh!! BEST OF LUCK for the next!! :)


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