May 9, 2009

Why I’m an enginner…

(A lot of this stuff won’t make any sense to the majority here. Plz pass over instead of reading this crap then. :P VJTI’ans plz continue and laugh extra loud)

1. I worship the guys who made Pentium. Seriously!! WOW they are cool!
2. I understand exactly what they mean by Intel Core2Duo T5550 @ 1.83Ghz.
3. I m a girl and STILL don’t bother to look into d mirror before I leave for college.
4. In 4 years my vocabulary has degraded to the level of the average frustrated guy who cusses all the time.
5. I have tried all settings, everywhere, on every single thing there is to change on my PC.
6. I have tried to repair all household appliances ranging from the TV remote to the ceiling fan.
7. I know how to use the soldering iron. And the jack plane. Lolz. Courtesy : BEE & Workshop. :D
8. I explain to my kindergardenrs whom I teach, things like wavelength of light and scattering when asked why the sky is blue. I even drew wht wavelength looks like. N got looks like :O.
9. Most of the times my lunch consists of a quick samosa/vada pav and chaas. (buttermilk) while simultaneously orkutting from d net lab.
10. I hav invented desperate ways such as stealing used files during submission time. (hi5 CC's… damn!!! I m so proud of myself for saving all dat money!!!)
11. I am online most of the night because of the concept that is commonly referred to as “Night Maarna”. My night time coffee is my savior.
12. I actually understand what has happened when someone says "Server is down" and “Netbeans killed my PC” (may the soul of the poor PC rest in peace)
13. I don’t dress up ever, I don’t know what half the things in d makeup box do and the concept of a date is unknown to me. :
14. The probability of finding a hot guy in my college is 0.0001.
15. I can type faster than u can blink.
16. Ok that gave me next point... I m excellent at exaggerating - courtesy 8 submissions. :)
17. I sing random lame stuff like "Tu hi toh mera HOST hai" :and write even lamer stuff like “Wails from the Wumpus world
18. I consider myself as a well dressed grl if d color of my submission file matches my top. And also if I get a compliment that refers to me as female.
19. I love to talk about processors and I love to diss trical/tronix guys (Boo to u Karan!!) abt their fixation with 8085 when d whole world lives in d age of Pentium.
20. I once proxied for "Sachin Tendulkar" in 1st sem and got thrown out of class. Ahhh… fond memories!!!
21. I think my life would have been a LOT easier if Kirchoff, Newton, Lebnidz, Taylor, Tanenbaum, Laurents, Shannon, Spohn hadn’t existed. And also for dat reason I worship TECHMAX. :P
22.My conversation starts with "Wassa" and end with "TTYL" along wid P.S tht is "if u coming 2mrw mera proxy maar. roll no 26." (oh I shud probably add this too – everyone in class knows hw to sign my name. :P)
23.I discovered my exceptional talent at being a story teller during viva's.
24.I hav copied in exams approximately 3.618 times the amount u hav actually given exams. lolz.
25. My speciality is getting mirror marks in mid sems. Lolz. i.e. 03/30, 02/20, 01/10. :P
26. I know all shortcuts and function keys on the keyboard. Ctrl-D comes in handy when u watching something u shudn’t.. (smirks) and Alt- F4 comes in handy whn ur BUSTED!!! :P
27. For me the best reasons for celebration are : Reduced Syllabus, Mass Walkout, Exam postponement and Independence Day (last day of exam)
28. My favorite word is "F***" and my favorite phrase is "SHOT diya" :P
29. Whenever I got out wid frnds I’m the one who calculates to the nearest paisa the breakdown of how much who should pay.
30. Everyone in my family and neighborhood expects me to solve all their computer failure problems. I take immense pleasure in assuming a sober tone and saying "I will hav to format ur PC. I m afraid all ur data will be gone" n then act lik a hero whn I save it all. :P
31. Laminton Road is my Mecca. (All those who don’t know bt wud lik to get d best deals on electronic gadgets anyway, get off Grant Road and ask anyone where it is. Beware of ppl who will try to sell u weird stuff. Lolz. If ur a girl, don’t go alone.)
32. I spend more time at the xerox / printout wala than at home. :)
33. I think explaining the concept of mass bunk to nerds is more difficult than explaining the colors to a blind person.
34. Almost everything tht I do always comes down to "MATH".. I think in terms like Probability of this is.., Practically speaking this should be..., Assuming that.., Given that.. :P
35. I hav contacts wid the computer wala and he updates me everytime theres smthng new in d market. :)
36. The villain’s in my life are the IMPOSSIBLE amount of viruses I hav put my laptop thru. Someppl from class actually hav a CD of all viruses seen so far.
37. I love doing the victory dance which is a cross between Joey dance and Mundu dance.. this event takes place on the last day of term which is after all submissions are done.
38. My attendance in class is proportional to how early I sleep.
39. I crack technical PJ’s. I also understand/laugh at the lamest PJ’s possible.
40. I consider 40 to be the magic number :)
41. I know what are the full forms of the different file extensions. Bet u didn’t knw “jpeg” stands for Joint Photograph Experts Group
42. I copy stuff that can’t be copied on d net (baah!! Cant copied??? Yeah ryt!!) using print screen. Simple. Duh! Courtesy : the innumerable screenshots I have taken in my 4 years at college.
43. I am 21 years old and the most memorable thing I have ever done is throw paper balls at people when they are not looking. :P
44. After hours de-stressing means playing basketball in d quad. And catching the sun do down on dat majestic dome. :)
45. I think libraries have multiple uses. They double up as sleeping rooms, gossip rooms, Timepassing rooms, Listening to music rooms, Playing schooltime games such as X’s and O’s, BINGO, Name place animal thing (LOLZ).. and sometimes something even better. (wink wink)
46. If I got a nickel for every word of crap I ever wrote (exams or otherwise) I would retire ryt now as an incredibly rich woman.
47. If I sat to calculate the amount of money I wasted on assignment sheets, xerox’s, files, printouts, d stationery & even the inners and outers and the index sheets… I would suffer from a minor heartattack. :P
48. I hav hit a rheostat in frustration (whn I discovered it had 3 arms instead of d 2 I assumed) and miraculously got the right readings!! Lolz.
49. Once I wrote a whole program that does nothing and while the professor wasn’t looking added a simple statement at the end of the program tht said “cout<<”5”;” (display 5 on screen) and made him believe my program was working!! Smart eh?
50. KK- Pal, Summer of 69’, and College Days are the songs that made me cry on Farewell. I’ll miss everything on this list. Damn!! I m choked. :(

soon-to-be-Bachelor of Computer Technology :P


яノςんム said...

wow girl!!
as i said on ur comment at femme, I feel like hugging you..
I m not tht tehnologically advanced as u, but very much like u :D


яノςんム said...

oh n i am not an engineer!! :D

Sourav !!! said...

First of all I'm not an engineer.. man MBA :P

Liked everything in ur blog, the content, template, everything :) much that m a follower to ur blog now !! :D

btw id like u to visit back my blog too ...comment and follow, evn if u don like it for courtesy sake...who dosnt like appreciation..well i do.. :D

Hopeless Romantic said...

This is one of the best lists i have come across from an engineer blogger. Gal, u reminded me of my engineering days...Those were some days...and i agree completely with point 50....these songs are evergreen college songs. Great list...well done:)


PS: i also did the same n cheated the examiner in my 6 sem as point 49 :))

Arnab Majumdar said...

I'm not an engineer, but I'm sufficiently geeky to know what these things feel like... well, almost all of them!

11... been there, done that, countless number of time.. still do as a matter of fact :D

23... I think that's a regular feature of any college you go to, and any student you talk to there :P

26... Ctrl+D and Alt+F4... probably the most used shortcuts ever!! :D

28... Aah, college education!!! Hehe

41... Believe it or not, I did!!! :D I also know that MPEG stands for Moving Pictures Expert Group... told ya, I had geeky tendencies... :D

49... Gotta say, you're a genius! Amazing presence of mind you've got girl... hehe :D

Loved the post... Cheers :)

IcE MaiDeN said...

heyyy hi5 grl!!! wow!! blogsville is makin me meet some serious twins!! hehehe!!!

Thanks for liking my blog mate!! N yes i will surely come n read n follow (:P) ur blog. jus let my exams get over!! i m in d MIDDLE of my end sem here. :P

hi5 to u too!!! yayyy!! Engineers RULEEE!!! :D

heyyy!!! :P :D thanks for liking d post. cheers to u too. :) Annie.

The Blue Indian said...

3. I m a girl and STILL don’t bother to look into d mirror before I leave for college.
Really? har roz kaajal bina dekhe lagaati hai?? Jhoothi!
13. I don’t dress up ever, I don’t know what half the things in d makeup box do
How I wish you sometimes did that.. would look little better for once! :P
and the concept of a date is unknown to me.
Jhoothi again! Should I start reminding you 1st sem se leke ab tak ke sab?
14. The probability of finding a hot guy in my college is 0.0001.
But still that is 10^6 times more than the probability of finding a hot GIRL in our college!
19. I love to talk about processors and I love to diss trical/tronix guys (Boo to u Karan!!) abt their fixation with 8085 when d whole world lives in d age of Pentium.
... and yet you have to bear with Dinosaur-era PCs in a sweaty corridor christened as "Orkut Lab" while we work on Pentium Core II Duo with 1GB RAM and 17" Samsung LCD Monitor in Air-conditioned MUP Lab! :)
20. I once proxied for "Sachin Tendulkar" in 1st sem and got thrown out of class. Ahhh… fond memories!!!
.. and I signed for Salman Khan and Aishwaria!
31. Laminton Road is my Mecca.
The electronics part of it or the "other" one? ;)
41. I know what are the full forms of the different file extensions. Bet u didn’t knw “jpeg” stands for Joint Photograph Experts Group
But I am sure you still don't know what does the DNS Address, VCI, VPI written in your Network Connections mean!
49. Once I wrote a whole program that does nothing and while the professor wasn’t looking added a simple statement at the end of the program tht said “cout<<”5”;” (display 5 on screen) and made him believe my program was working!!
I did better- when Graphics in C didn't give expected results, I drew the required waveforms in Paint and showed the screenshot to the prof. Beat that!
Too good yaar.. sums up our four years really well!!!

IcE MaiDeN said...

@ Karan,

1. kajal is not counted as makeup. :P
2. I dont even own a makeup box!! :D
3. date shud ideally not include heavy electronix, computers books. :P n talks abt hw much hav u started studyin fr d exams. hence all d supposed "dates" are null and void. :P :D
4. achha, now shud I remind u of ur bird watching sessions in d quad n d amount of time u put queries to my all encommapssing database of hot chics?? lolz.
5. heyyy, u hav ONE PC tht has d works. we hav many. :P lolz.
6. ahhh... accha tu tha? salman n ash wala? :P
7. laminton Road is for buying electronic stuff. (LOLZ ROFL LMAO)
8. I (ME I MEE??) will not knw wht these are?? u kiddin me?? :O
DNS : Domain Name System (hw many time we hav seen DNS server failure as d error??!!)
VCI/VPI : i think its virtual circuit / path integration somethng :P
9. areee haaa!!! hw can i forget ur MS Paint wala kissa??!!! lolz. too good!!! hi5!!! :)

neeraj_only said...

annie!! can't stop laughing..such an interesting person you are......

if i write 50 things from my last 4 years ...most can't be displayed on blog due to obvious reasons :P

bahut show off ki many tech jargons...hehe....

" I have tried all settings, everywhere, on every single thing there is to change on my PC " ....power punch...comp. god gussa that possible....all settinngs!!!.....annie can do anything...bows ^O^

# i see signs of "loadies" ( serious student ) in these 50 things :P

IcE MaiDeN said...

@ neeraj..

accha agar main serious student hoti toh main 9 point somone hoti.. jo main NAHI hu.. hehehe !!! :) :) :)

C R D said...

hehe. interesting list. But a tad long, no?

LOL! I know abt not being able to find hotties on campus. My friend was in an engg college, and told me there were hardly 3 gals in his campus. the least ordinary looking among them was worshipped like a Goddess :P

F-words. Not just engineers gal. Start doin ur mba, ull have profs doin the same, and students doing worse :P

Xeroxes happen here too. The xerox guy is a millionaire i guess :P


Study now :P

IcE MaiDeN said...


soo ryt!!! sometimes i wonder y d guy is even havin a xerox shop anymore!!! he shud probably go buy a house in d bahamas!! hehe

P.S: YES i m goin to study!!! (stop shooin me off ppl!! hehehe)

Anonymous said...

This is exactly what I'm going through these days. :P

Amazing post,girl!

rads said...

Awesome post and most of it sound familiar...glad to see you back

muthu said...

hmhm... now by this post you have made me proud as an engineer...... :)

cheers gal....

IcE MaiDeN said...

@Anamika, Rads, Muthu,

Thanks guys!! :)

The Blue Indian said...


About your point 4 => Your 'database' is incomplete, outdated and far from "all encompassing".. it is Vatsa who has the most comprehensive database perfected over the years!
And btw, the concept of "hot chics" in VJTI is imaginary!

IcE MaiDeN said...


Ohhh Vatsa is d new DB now.. nice nice. :P

N if there are no hot chicks in our college.. plz explain d deluge of ppl scrambling for one glimpse of "u knw who" who unfortunately is in my class these days. (rolls eyes) u knw she catwalks her way to get d bloody supplemnts too.. lolz. :P

Gaurav Tārkar said...

i have many engg frnds and majority of them are really boring or linguistically handicapped. but ur post has changed my perception.

The Blue Indian said...


Vatsa isn't the NEW database.. he always had the best database.. compiled by highly professional methods! :D

And, the very fact that there's a deluge of ppl scrambling for one glimpse of just above-average looking "u knw who" shows that there is a serious dearth of "hot" chicks in college, isn't it?!?!?

hary!! said...

wow now am happy dat am a engineer..err a geek!! cant believe hav been thru all dese....heh heh good post

IcE MaiDeN said...


heyyy!! above-average??!! wow!! views hav changed eh?? :P :D

Engineers totally rule!!! :P :D

Dream'R said...

4: u cuss? come i didnt know tat ;-)
8 : but u also set the toghest quiz papers for ur kids..oh and tell them i said hi.
11 : ur night time coffee is ur savior!! achaa!!..hmmpphh
13 : That doesnt impy u r an engineer..all it implies is u r very "guyyish"..hehe
14 : Try my college ;-)..i know atleast 1 hunk..
15 : i can bllink faster than u can type.
19 : us tricals like learnin abt the history of it all b4 we move forward hence the study of the 8085,8086 etc. loser!!
21 : wat have u comp dorks gotta do with newton and kirchoff..isnt babbage enough for u ?
24 : not our fault u have had taht many supplimentaries ;-)..hehe
25 : atleast u r writing the exams..( i m luvin myself here)..hehe
26 : my fav is windows + d though...and ctrl + tab ;-)
28 : thats just plain limited vocabulary (slam dunk!!)
29 : miser!!
32 : No comments...hehe
35 : first the xerox wala ,now the computer waala...sighh...
36 : i m sure the feeling is mutual..;-)
40 : finally we agree!!
43 : lame existance ..;-)
45 : aaha..hmmm..interesting...not feelin sarci rite now..;-)
48 : thats a comp student doin electrical lab for dumbr u people..;-)
49 : geez..i ve already done tat and i m nto even a comp ..;-) watcha think sweety...neat eh ;-)

jokes aside awesome list annieee...luvd it...;-)


IcE MaiDeN said...


It took a lot of thought to make dat damned list n u didnt even think twice before rippin it to shreds!! wht a MEANO u r!!! hmmpphh!!

:D ;-)

IcE MaiDeN said...

oh n WHY wud anyone want to learn abt 8bit whn d world lives in 64bits???!!!!

(beat dat)


(thumbs down!!)
(evil laugh)

Shwetz said...

LOL!!! Shades of Scott Adams and Dilbert!
Cheers to u Madam soon to be engineer:)

Dream'R said...

awww annieee thats not fair...!!...i was merely being funnyy....and i did think twice but then i my evil twin took over...u ve met him rite ..;-)

Miss Cynical ღ Åйu ღ said...

I once proxied for "Sachin Tendulkar" in 1st sem and got thrown out of class. Ahhh… fond memories!!!

lmao!!!! =)) =)) =))

Shanu said...

Strange enuff inspite of not being an engineer i actually understood most of what u said and cld relate to it too...I guess having a bro who studies engg has its own advntges :P

Quest said...

1)Indians are indeed cool ;)
3)Reality doesn't change even if one spends all the time in front of the mirror :D
4)Mine has improved :P
8)It happens when frequency mismatch occurs
9)Wondering whether there was an infestation of ants?
14) Finding a hot girl was NIL :( in our college, had even recommended for special quotas too :D
15)I can read the fastest :D
19)Invention of wheel revolutionized many things, likewise :D
25) I like getting fractions, zero point somethings ;)
26)What about alt+tab?
32)We had scanners :D
36) You would like to see the quantum of viruses in my computer last caught every friday on an average
40)40 is the pass mark here too? :D
43)Throwing rocks would be better for health
45)Libraries have prohibited my entry as I showed one fellow the place to empty the bladder where no one goes to..
48)We were good in reverse engineering ;)


IcE MaiDeN said...

hehehehe!!! told u i m mad!!! :)

hey there! :P ya havin engg ppl is beneficial. they talk in all boring terns lik this. lolz. :P

1)yes. :)
3)yeah i knw!! bt reality can be greatly altered wid appropriate time in front of d mirror. whch i simply dont hav d time for. :P :D
4)ya i was wondering if i shud say degraded or upgraded. lolz. :P hi5
9)hehehe. no not yet!! :) i m neat too. due to mustitasking things lik writing assignments n havin dinner at d same time. :) i dont spill food. :)
14) d curse of evry engineering college!!! sigh!!! u jus hav to find ways to deal wid it. :P
15)yeah! every engineer exaggerates :)
19)Nuthin wud be d same is computers wudnt hav been invented. by far d best invention ever. :)
25) hehehe!!! hi5!!! :)
26)alt+tab works well too. slow to hide stuff by a lil amount thn ctrl-d. :P
32)d xeros wala is lik d richest man i hav never knwn. lolz. :P
36) No thnk u very much!!
40)40 is d universal magical number. :P
43)I doubt throwing rocks wud classify as class activity. Anyway u wont get d fun.. it was sort of only MY class activity. :P
45)eww!! seriously?? :O :P :D
48)We were good in reverse engineering too... :P output draw kardo n show any crap as d program :P

ABHISHEK SiM said...

cant stop rofl... awesome!! had read a few of them previously - but the new ones - just too good!

blog rolled!

Sorcerer said...

Awesome post


IcE MaiDeN said...

@Abhishek & Sorcerer,

(bows down) :P :D


Pooja B said...

Thats a daam good post! Laughed throughout the post...
Not an enginner but can relate to most of it!
Guess thats what makes a blogspot wonderful... when anyone and everyone passing by the post can start relating to it!
Good Going Lady!

Zai Kerkar said...

I am almost 22 yrs old and I make up songs like "bum bum bhole" and laugh my head off at the idea of Bhole shaking his bums. :)

I love giving people the "which world do u live in?" look when they say they use a P4. (Which is the 80486 and NOT the pentium 4 as most people believe).

Though pentium and core2duo and others are totally awesome, i still love 8085 (not to use) and am really glad that i learnt it. Dunno how i cud have studied pentium without 8085.

IcE MaiDeN said...

yes zai its excellent to STUDY. bt lik forver? like 2 whole years. oh move on, a 20 stage pipeline waits for u!!! :P

yes n lik d babe asked "is thr any 80-0-86" most ppl dont knw there is one!!! rem dat question? :P

lolz. "bum bum bhole" LOLZ (still tryin to imagin Bhole shaking his ass,.. maybe well get it on a PPT n send it to his class.. LOLZ LMAO ROFLL)

Zai Kerkar said...

it was 80186, which was a microcontroller.

bondgal_rulz said...

AWESOME list!!!!

LOVED it!! he he

3. Ditto :D
4. Ditto :( But I'm improving!! :)
16. Lol
20. ROFL
25. :O
30. Naice..I like!
33. Don't even remind me..
49. Issmart gurl :)


IcE MaiDeN said...

lolz forgot forgot. 80186 microcontroller. viva questions. in her xerox. lolz. lolz. yaad aya. :)


hi5!!! :)

Pavitra .... said...

hahah.....great list....!!
loved your blog..!

IcE MaiDeN said...


Hey thx grl! :)Keep visiting. :)

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