Apr 16, 2009

Wails From The Wumpus World!!!

Oh Wumpus! Oh Wumpus!
Ur the latest version of virus!
The time has come, cant u see..
To warn everyone of ur treachery!!

You hav made Varu's hair curl in frustration
And Annie curses u all d way to damnation
Shilpa still cherishes the lovely dates in ur dungeon,
But Lo! when she came out, she was a curmudgeon!!!

Your froggy eyes like tiny dents in flesh,
Your harsh voice irritates us no less
Your cackling laugh resounding in the hall
Your desire to hav everyone at your beck and call!!!

Varu is ready to crack under the pressure!!
As Annie tries (unsuccessfully) to be a go-getter..
Though Shilpa still blushes at ur glances
She is also about to reach teh end of her tether!!!

Whenever u pass, u leave in ur wake, a terible "STENCH"
For us there is nowhere to run, not even a bench
The thick gross hair that crowds ur ear
Its a wonder!!! Can u even hear??!!!

Oh Wumpus! Oh Wumpus!
Look at the lovely day with its beautiful breeze
Plz Plz be kind Oh Wumpus!!
Give us a days leave!

So Varu can go & dance with "______" (dash)
& Shilpa can have a "Bournville" bash..
Oh n Annie!! Shes anyway all d time on "long distance" gtalk,
Maybe this time, she can go have a long "walk"!!

Oh Wumpus! Oh Wumpus!
U eat anyone who enters ur "Smelly" abode
But we will bear all ur eccentricites
Cz we want to grab our "Glittering" gold!!!!

Written by Annie
With exceptional inputs from Varu.. lolz!
(Shilpa GLARES!! hehe..)

P.S: Anyone who has had "Artificial Intelligence" as a subject will knw d terms used here. others jus google "Wumpus". lolz. :)


Ms.R. said...

awww wumpus! cute

fms1988 said...

Lol !Nice one

IcE MaiDeN said...

trust me fatty n fms... Wumpus is killin my life!!! he is ANYTHING but cute!!! lolz lolz lolz

neeraj_only said...


i am expecting the "Hunt the Wumpus", now from you.You have informed the world about the same. How to hunt that?...lolz.....and this wumpus is real character kya?

hey, haven't you tried short-distance "gtalk"...lolz..big fun. I love short distance gtalk :P some instances are...

#1 :we challenge one another for game-of-TT on gtalk

#2 : dinner time talk, "mess me kya hai?".

#3: who can forget , guys asking..."are class jana hai?"

everything...when rooms are at shouting distance :P

good poem annie...."hunt the wumpus"....NOW

Hopeless Romantic said...

lol....too good..i like ur style...keep it up....cheers!

I have started following u recently..n loved ur comment the other day on my post...keep in touch thru following or e-mail subscription!!

N ya, keep penning..i love reading u :)

IcE MaiDeN said...


hehe!! i m sure u knw wht wumpus is!! u had it 7th sem na? lolz :P

actually 'wumpus' here is our final year project guide... he is lik AARRRGHGHHH!!!... sach yaar!! kya life barbaad kardi hai usnee!! :( :P

aree my short distance gtalk is "mera proxy maarna!!" LOLZZ!!! ROFL!!!


@hopeless romantic,
hey! thanks for d comments. do visit again. ill subscribe to ur posts soon. :)

CrAzY fReAk! said...

lol :P so cute...hahahah!

rads said...

Lovely poem...Wumpus is a very ol game... I've seen my bro playing it many times when we were in college...Din't know that it is a subject now...Nice one

neeraj_only said...

oh! guide!!.....aise-ki-taisi-kar-di tumne.....guide sar ki...

but, relax end is near for days with mr. wumpus!! :P

and proxy talk on gtalk......new technology being exploited.....first sms....nw gtalk...carry on :)

Dream'R said...

(Stands Up And Applauds) ...hehe..i really liked it...its quite funny and quite witty too...but young lady temme is this how u spent your final class hours?? shouldnt u be studying? (*snickers*)

lol...anyways "longdistance g-talk"..hehe...i d like to know whos suggestion that was....(curious)

and yes...the arm hurts a lot more right now..:-(

Anonymous said...

hey....nice one, creative!!

IcE MaiDeN said...


Awww.. sweety! plz tak care! If i had a magical carpet.. i wud hav flown there in a sec.. n given u a whack over d head!!! for being stupid! n then i wud hav fussed over u for d sore arm!! hehehe.. ;-)

studyin?! baah!! final lects of my life n u want me to spend them studyin??!!! ew! :P this is so much more fun.. hehehe.. :P

"longdistance gtalk" was both mine n varus idea..lolz. :P

@common man,
thanksss!!! (bows down!)

Zai Kerkar said...

wumpus cute!! OMG!! thats unimaginable!
but then...
kshitij aakhon ka dhokha hai

IcE MaiDeN said...


Lolz Lolz Lolz...

yeah a qoute from d dark dungeons from d Wumpus World :
"Aasma aur zamin na kabhi mile hai na kabhi milenge..
Kyunki Kshitij nazaron ka dokha hai.." :O

And another ':D ROFL' moment tht happened in d dungeons :

Wumpus (to Varu):"Aree... bring that 'vahi'"
Varu : (totally confused look) errr... Sir, what??!! (fumbling wid the pendrive, cd, etc.. anything but the 'vahi')
Annie (struggling to contain d laughter)
Shilpa (who deeply venerates d wumpus) : "ARREEE... THE 'VAHI'.. THE DAMNED BOOK!!"
(Vahi means book in marathi!! lolz.)

Anonymous said...

awesome!! wumpus chi marli dhinchak dhinchak!

bondgal_rulz said...

Woo hoo!!! Great work there and meri GK bhi badi!! yay !!

Karan said...

lolz.... who thought of naming it as 'wumpus' of all things ?? im sure that guy was too bored of life and wantd to give othrz a good laugh..!! :P

n wumpus pe poenm ke badle had u paid attention on ur project.. abi tak khatam ho gaya hota..!!!

This post too shud b titld .. - TP :P :P

The Blue Indian said...

Why dont u add this as an APPENDIX in ur project report? :P

IcE MaiDeN said...

waah!! 2 karans back to back!! lolz

The word 'Wumpus' isnt cooked up by me.. since ur online half d time, google it.. its a very famous problem in d subject of robotics and AI (artificial intelligence) which we had for sem7 and Mr Wumpus was our teacher..lolz...

@Blue Indian wala Karan..
EXCELLENT idea!! bt i can already see the wumpus devouring us whn he sees this instead of fancy words that say "we are sincerely grateful for all the help and excellent guidance provided by Mr._____"

Zai Kerkar said...

Annie...u shud have posted about wumpus and his favourite movie.
AND the logic behind how that movie was related to us not paying attention in class. (something i havent figured out till today)

Karan said...

areee.. i didnt say u cookd it up.. i said that bout th person who cookd it up th first time..And i did google it up.. n found th AI thing...kal hi kiya tha..

But using it fr ur prof..!! LMAO..!! thts innovative.. :P

PS - lovd th idea of MR. Blue Indian.. :P

Siya said...

Wumpus!!!! eh??? Too lazy to google right now!! Will come back. LOL. ;)

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