Apr 13, 2009

Why Breaking Up can be good...

I’ll not beat around d bush here, about why I m writing this post. I had a breakup. Very recently. Lets not get into the why’s and when.. because it’s a rather long and messy story. So anyway, I decided to write this, because.. Damn!! Breakups can be good. I had a LOT of fun coming up with some of these reasons along with my rocking friends.. (\m/) So here goes :

1. You find out who your guardian angels are. Seriously! I didn’t know I had so many. Across all sorts of distances and even borders (Mwah! You know who you are!) You also find out who your real friends are. The ones who don’t say anything except “What d hell are you doing alone on a Sat night..??? Lets Parttyyyy!!!”

2. You get to hang out with friends so much more that it WILL make you wonder what the heck were u doing all this while.. lost in your own world, when you should have been enjoying life with these friends!

3. You get so much time for yourself, that suddenly, unlike other times, you have a million things to do and so little time. Hehe. (I have been wondering what to catch up with first, the guitar lessons or the unwatched seasons.. lolz!)

4. You get to spend a lot of time with the family. Meaning you are out of your room, and off your phone, and actually listening to how did mom’s day go. And that's a good feeling!

5. You get to stare at cute guys asses. (Hi5!!) Hehe. (Ok, I'll be honest, earlier it was just the faces. Now you can blatantly check them out!) (Courtesy : ILMB, CC’s)

6. You get to burn stuff. Haha. TRUST ME! It's an awesome feeling (rem when in FRIENDS, they try to burn and cute firemen show up!) (Courtesy : Pam)

7. You can FINALLY go to the mall with the sole purpose of buying lingerie. Lolz. I realized its actually true!! Guys always hurry you through the most important section a woman’s gotta have.. n with the guy gone you have plenty of time for laces and satins. (wink wink) (Misty Rhythm gave me d idea through this post)

8. You can leave.. umm.. certain places unshaven. (courtesy: Tinku)
(I got a LOT of raised eyebrows for this one.. so for everyone's benefit i clarify.. i DIDN'T come up with this, n I DIDN'T mean what you pervs think!!! i meant the goddamn hands duh!!!)

9. Your friends wont mind sharing you with other friends.. hehehe!! Meaning you can juggle between multiple ‘friends’ :D (Courtesy : Rahul *Rahul’s Quote : “shee yaar!! I feel like having an extra affairal affair with all these faltu ka restrictions she’s put on me”*)

10. You get to see for yourself what an impossibly wonderful, strong and beautiful person u really are!!! Trust me on this, nothing could do you more good than breaking up with someone who wasn’t meant to be. Good, messy, bad, spiteful.. whatever way it ends, You'll learn a lot about yourself than any other experience you have ever had!! :) :) :)


Lancelot said...

self analyse- rebuild - is what I learned :) good read made me smile with my twitched lips...

The Blue Indian said...

Regarding #5.. u urself accept doing that but when u find guys checking out girls (specifically u-knw-wat), u call them perverts/despos/cheapos.. how hypocritical!!

lost_soul said...

i like \m/

Ms.R. said...

Your point reminded me of the time when I used 2 chk out their butts! hahaha!

Another wonderful thing is that you don't have to choose between friends and feel guilty for going out with the bf. A smile to that cute guy doesn't mean saying sorry, i don't mean it and blah blah for the next hour.

You can actually think of ways the guy was so not hot and keep those points in mind. So when you get into the dating pool again, (which is a lot of fun - fishin around until you get hooked :P) then you'll be able to watch out for the so-not-right signs.

And the best part - you can dish dirt without feeling or having to say sorry!

I like that part. Some areas unshaven. LOL. Awesome write up! Enjoy! xoxoxox

Twisted Elegance.... said...

never thought of so many positives in a breakup...good post! And congrats on breaking up...welcome to the single again club


IcE MaiDeN said...

(me smiling toow id twitched lips)

wid grls its wid different!!! whn guys stare they are so blatant!! sheesh!! its stupid.. ;)


so so true yaar!!! i lik d unshaven ares point too!! heheh :P

@Twisted Elegance,
first tim here? thanks for visiting! come back again for more..
hi5 for welcoming me to d singles-again club. lolz. :D

(Damn!!! breaking up is too good!! hehehe)

neeraj_only said...

oye hoye!!......life after break up.....pyar ke side effects :P

friends suffer the most in "love-story". we start neglecting friends for someone "special". It's break-up which brings them into the main scheme-of-things again.

btw u did come up with a-lot of positives......shopping and "some-places-unshaved"......and cute butts ....hmmm......really... life after break up has many positives.


IcE MaiDeN said...

hi5 back again!!! lolz.. friends hold u thru all d shit!! they rock!! :) n yes! life after a breakup is very very enjoyable!!! hehe :)

CrAzY fReAk! said...

that is so cool annie! You know I am so proud of you! never seen a more stronger person than my hot chick here!

(refer:shimla pic) haha
:P :)

Anonymous said...

hey guys sorry..... but i think its not like this.... its easy to say, but is it true!! break up is not done out of joy, so given a choice, no one will like to go in for a breakup, even after knowin all da advntg!! Love is all about livin life simple & it gives more joy than all the advntg u mentioned!!
i will not congratulate you for breakin up, like ohters, but i will pray that u get back the lost love in your life ASAP!! May GOD bless you with this beautiful feeling again, called -LOVE!!

Zai Kerkar said...

no 6 can be attributed to Jab We Met as well.

IcE MaiDeN said...

@common man,

yes i knw d end of a relationship is never easy.. bt its always best to end somethng tht has no future and somethng that makes u lose ur identity as a person. wudnt u agree that its the most beautiful feeling to fall in love wid the RIGHT person... tab tak if u meet someone who wasnt meant to be, then i feel its best to make urself a better person learning out of the experiences. :)

fms1988 said...

Nice post !
Made me smile...:)
Enjoy ur single life & hope u now fall in love with the RIGHT person !

rads said...

This is soo true. I've always loved hanging out with friends better than jus some unworthy guy. N hey I see that ur a gr8 fan of Mills and Boon, so am I, I have some posts on it in my blog too :)

IcE MaiDeN said...


heyya!! hi5 for MnB.. FINALLY someone who reads them... will check out ur blog soon.. :)

bondgal_rulz said...

AWESOME post there dudette!!!

Loved thy spirit. :)


IcE MaiDeN said...

@Isha, Appu, fms

lolz. i M crazy!!.. well ill tell u a lil secret.. i went thru my share of cryin n mopin.. (ILMB wud vouch for dat!!) n finally decided to get a grip.. n well, ended up wid this!! heheh.. lolz. i love myself!!! :)

sawan said...

seems like good indeed :) u take care girl and have loadz of fun :)

damsel in distress said...

damn girl what an attitude!! CHEERS!!:):):) i kinda like u better now..keep up the healthy attitude k...i had er..for want of a better word i'll just use fun in reading this post. hell loads better than the weepy stufff!!!!

Do not allow yourself to be imprisoned by any affection. Keep your solitude. The day, if it ever comes, when you are given true affection there will be no opposition between interior solitude and friendship, quite the reverse. It is even by this infallible sign that you will recognize it.

IcE MaiDeN said...


aww.. yeashh i knw.. this is SO much better than d weepy stuff.. lolz. :P :D

Karan said...

omg omg omg..!!! aftr reading the points 5, 7 and 8.... i fell i hv been living in a cave..!!!

Lovd th spirit Annie.. keep it going.. its much more fun to have fun like this than keep thinkin bout the past n feeling bad... 'Everything happens for a reason' .. pata hai na.. :) ... And went Awwwwwwww ... for the points 1, 2 and 4...!! and Hi 5 for point 10..!!! :) ...

IcE MaiDeN said...


aww.. thanks for likin my temp bout of insanity!!! lolz :P :)

CrAzY fReAk! said...

a special kiss, for the brave front u put

Dream'R said...

haha..now that u clarified everything..i think i like this entry a lot better ;-)

1) gee thanx..anytime jaan ;-)...but u misinterpret me..i m no guardian angel..i m just prince ali ;-)

3) i d suggest the unwatched seasons....i e heard ki u sound like phoebe on ur guitar..hehe

4)awwww...but u still manage to pick fights with mom for the most trivial reasons!!..hmppphhh

5)wats with u and guy's asses!!..geez woman!!...

7) No comments..;-)

8) Glad u clarified that..hehe...i was beginning to get thoughts..

10) That toh u r..impossible but lovely, sweet and a one in a million person.

i ll add one more to that list
11) u get to meet princes from far away lands who like u no end...;-)

IcE MaiDeN said...

:D :P

1. i dunt mean u duffer!! i mean d GRLIE gnag i hac formed across all borders and states.. ILMB!! :) for u ill hav to include another point.. lik no.11

3. who said i sound lik phoebe.. ok if i do then ill sing "whennn i firrssttt saawww chandlerrr i thougghhhtt hee wass gayyy!!" u want me to do dat? hehehe lolz.

4. my mom is weird kya kare!!! hehee :P :D

5. all gals look at guys asses. guys dun even knw!. period.

7. thank god for no comments!!!

8. keep ur thoughts in check Mr. Prince!!! (hands on hips)

10. AWWWW...speechless tht i m wiping a few tears... :) :) :)

11. Right on!!! :)

Jagged Edge said...

was js browsing thru the looooooong list of comments here.. quite an interesting conversation here itself [:P]

my addition to the list:

"u get to wear Fatang sexy clothes without his restrictions.. n even in front of his MOM!!!" when u normally take all d care to appear all sobre in front of his family :P


IcE MaiDeN said...


(is TJ listening to dis??!! lolz lolz lolz..)

Dream'R said...

AAHA!!..so now u blame my thoughts!! the fact that you couldve been more clearer has no importance here!!..hmmpphhh..women!!!

IcE MaiDeN said...


awww...did i evr mention u look even cuter whn angry.. :P :D.
P.S: how was d movie?? tell me tell me... heheh (ROFL)

WarmSunshine said...

Hey girl!

these were all really good... i mean i have experienced this as well. I'm glad we tend to look at the brighter side of things :)

good luck!


todays writer said...

Good post. Nice benefits of break up you listed!
I would like to add one more: After a break up, one could actually get some free time to hit the gym :)

Anupam Gupta said...

one of the best things is.....ur phone bill reduces....i mean it CRASHES...and suddenly u feel u have so much more time....and i think its quite cool to say..."yeah man...my EX always used to do this....stupid girl..."

all in all...once u have tasted the salted water....even tap water feels like bisleri...

(ok i dont know where tht came from...apologies..lol)

IcE MaiDeN said...


lolz.. i hav never heard u say anythng lik dat!! hehe.. but u sure will hear me say somethng lik tht.. "Ohh sweatshirt in d summer!! i knwww how stupid.. my EX does tht!! lolz"

abt d bill part, true for most of themm. not me. mera free callin tha rem? so now, i hav to call non-tata ppl, n my phone bills are escalatin lik CRAZY!!! hehehehe. :P

hi5 anyway..

Dream'R said...

oye!!! i resent that!!!...hmmmpphhh..you should just get a bloody airtel connection u know...

and yes..the movie was real nice...WOLVERINE rox ...;-)

IcE MaiDeN said...

yeah n pray tell me... how IS gettin a airtel connection goin to help me cut my ISD bills??!!! (glares)

i hav a better solution.. y dun u open a fund in my name n deposit half ur paychecks there... tht would be awesome aint it?? :P :D lolz.

BloggerMouth said...

Annie, I love you for being so resilient throughout. God will bless you, I'm sure. And about staring at the guys' asses... Hi!Fi right back atcha :D

@ Some parts unshaven... I thought only of hands... what do you mean "other parts"? What's a pervert? *Tries to keep a straight face*

IcE MaiDeN said...


heyyyyy!! finallyyy!! someone is back on my blog!! nicee (hugs n kisses)

lolz. wht did u think of ? if u thought of anythng othr than d hands, that makes u a pervert.. lolz. lolz. lolz.

(pervert hi5)

P.S: damn!! i hav missed u!!

Misty Rhythm said...

blogger five!! u go gurl!!
luved ur post. whether ur single or not...always remember this side of urself :). u rock!

DPhatsez said...

finally! for a change its the gal who makes the 'gross'(not me the public says so) and frank posts :)

A relief! Yo! (\m/)

seems you've moved on rather well. I took a bit of time but heck never felt better now :)

keep 'em coming!

Oh its my first time here so hi!! :)

IcE MaiDeN said...

@ Misty Rythm ...

heyy!! blogger 5 rite bac to u!! :)


heyya!! first time here? welcome!
well.. i hav had my usual moments.. cryin mopin around irritatin d shit out of my frnds by callin em at weird times.. but i guess everythng happes for a reason..

n i m too cool to let anythng get me down for long!! lolz. :D


Siya said...

Great post there!!! :D :D Real nice..maybe I should make some people who, I think have lost their own selves in their relationships read this!!!

IcE MaiDeN said...

thank u siya!!! :) :) :)

Shwetha Maiya said...

way to go gal. . Enjoy ur life. . After browsing thru ur posts, this seems like a brave front! :) keep it up.. Chao. .

Apparently intellectual said...

loved it!! like totally loved it!!
it is so damn true!

ScarletTd1ar1es said...

over my guardian angels. i d prefer her.
baah. bros b4 hoes neva applied 2 me.
i still have nuthin 2 do. (oder than read ur cute lil blog)
always had tym 4 dat.
u r getting naughty. :P

and wat is it anways wid cute guys asses?
i only burn insyd.
this is definitely a girls only post n somehow i m commentin.

are there ny guy commenters here?

IcE MaiDeN said...

hahahahahaha!!! :P :D well i was on a insanity trip after the breakup!!!! :) :)

hav a look above, ull see half of them are weird crazy guy friends.. who all love their pampered lil weirdo girl-clown a LOT! :)

ScarletTd1ar1es said...

for some reason i dont quite understand fully or even partially for that matter why everyone wants to read about breakups. lol.

n yea they r weird crazy guy frnds. :P

Anonymous said...

Hey! POint 5 is best! u really get to check out 'cute guys'...
am coming out of a relation which is my 'Mukti'!

Meeli said...

i agree with u dear...we almost share these things. one more thing i want to add..when bf was there in our lifes we thought they are our weakness.....i thought i am very emotional gal...loneliness was my biggest fear....but see i haven proved that i can live a very happy life widout him...my all fear gone...and actually i m feeling free like a bird for whom sky is d limit...
i think break up teaches u a lot about you...n yes FRIENDS are most precios gifts for us...

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