Apr 3, 2009

Thank You!!!

There is one special Thank You Note that is pending this weekend..so here goes..

Dear Junglee,
Thank you for being wid me during my most trying times. I knw we dun talk all that much often as we used to in 1st sem, and i knw i havent been there for u in ur trying times, and yet seeing u beside me,makes my day. U should knw tht ur My special gift from God. Ur hugs make my day and ur jokes actually make me smile (I havnt laughed so much since last month as much as i laughed on ur reedition of 'O re Piya'..LOLZ).

I knw things havnt been easy for u lately, n they havent been easy for me either. I knw tht jus bcz ur smiling and joking dusnt mean ur Ok. But still seeing u being so strong abt it gives me hope that wid a frnd lik u, i can get over any shit that happens. All becz i knw tht u will be there, sitting next to me, either yelling ur head off bcz of some stupid mistake i do, or soothing wid with ur hand over my shoulder whn i cry.

Kal tune chat pe bola naa... U will always hav my shoulder to cry on. Well, ull always have mine. And i knw tht things are goin to be awesome for u soon. Whether wid her in ur life or not, bt they will be BETTER. I knw it! cz u deserve the best !!! Aur ganga jamna rone kik koi jarurat nahi hai... asi hum hai toh kya gham hai!!! :)

I m proud of havin a frnd lik u in my life. I love u lot, and i will alwsy stay beside u for whtever happens. One day we will be both sitting and laughing over these days and tell our how silly we were then!! Tak care sweetheart!!

Love Forever,
other Junglee..
P.S : Dekha, mere se pyar karta toh itna sab jhol jamela nahi hota!!! hahahaha!!! *wink wink*

P.P.S : lolz. lot of people demanded to knw who this junglee was... Aur kaun ho sakta hai.. lolz. Nik. The Crush. The elements rem?!! hehe. N I even had him mail me his pic so i can put it up..


Dream'R said...

awwwwwww...so sweet...hehe...if only i had a friend like u..hey wait..i do...U ;-)

IcE MaiDeN said...

hahah... aww.. :P :) u shud hav been here!!! i wud hav been d awesomest frnd EVER!!! :)

nikunj said...

Hey Thank you very much Annie....good to know that you will always there for me ....but the fact is I wud never let you forget me ....lol....We shall remain in touch forever and ever till my last breath ....We Rock together ...hehe....i'll save u frm floods again ...lol..

IcE MaiDeN said...

Hey junglee,

KUCH BHI!!!! maine tujhe floods se bachaya tha tune nahi!!! lol. n i knw ull never let me forget u, n vice versa. seriously dude, we rock together!!

luv u always,
Annie. :)
(football, rem)

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