Apr 24, 2009

Submission Week Makes Evryone go MAD!!!

I started to write a post abt this.. bt no matter wht i cudnt convey jus as much as i wanted to.. so I hav put jus a few of d MANY MANY pics we have taken this last submission of our lives..

"I m really gonna miss these days
I am gonna miss my college days
Yaad hai woh saare lectures, humne jo bunk kiye the
Proxy ka pakda jaana, Lafde kya kam kiye the
Aur Baahar aakar woh kehna, "Saala kya Bekaar paper set kiya tha yaar"
Milta 1st class kabhi yahaan, toh lagti thi KT kabhiiiii
Laut kar ab naa aayenge woh mastibhare din kabhi
hoh dil yeh apna kahe ki aye dostonnnnn
I m really gonna miss these days
I am gonna miss my college days"

Everyone diligently COPYING!!! hehehe!!!
Nik d idiot!!! last minute copying!!! wid music ofc.. music is an engineers best frnd!!! :)

"Aeee...Tujhe ID kuthe aahe??!! "
("where is ur ID".. d everyday greeting from d watchman we will miss!!! :(("

My sweetest lil dimpled angel.. wid a makeshift crown. Hehehe :)

"All d 4 years we wondered wht d inside of this cabin feels like!!! Look at Varu wid d cap n me wid d 'aila' expression n d sticks!!! Shilpa actually looks ready to kill someone!!! Hehehe"

"Always wanted to get a pic there... Yaaayyyy!!! finally got it!! hehehe!!"

Look at wht we found in Gul's Bag!!! Ooooo !!! that grl in d pic looks desperate!!! Hehehe!!!(Check out d height difference.. No more 6 footers for me plzz!!! hehehe!!!)

Best Friends Forever!!! (CMU or Gatech.. No place will ever be too far!! MWAHHH!!!)

"Lalalalalal!!!!! Finally DONE wid d submissionssss!!! Yaaayyyyyyy!!!"

Mr. Microsoft wid d Ms.Wipro, Ms. Accenture, Ms. Citius, Ms. CMU/Gatech & Ms. SUNY... !!! Missed Mr. Google on this one who was talkin d pic!! :P Dont look too closely!!! U'll see phelgm!!! hahahah!!! (eyes luk nice in dis one!!)

Shot Gang at what they do best... SHOT DIYAA!!! (Non Engineers : 'Shot' is the most often used word in our dictionary.. which basically means bugging someone in d worst possible way. hehe!!)

Zai at what she does best... DHAPPING files... LOLZ!!!

D Files that made our life so miserable and fun at d same time!!! Ill miss u and NOT miss u to!!! Hehehe!!!

Peek A Booo!!!! :)

"I NEVER noticed all these CPU'sin my 4years!!! lolz.!!!"

Gullo rani.. kaho toh deepak ko bula duuu... :) (I jus wannnaaa sllleeeepppp!!!!)

"Aek toh main phoolein jaise naasukk... aur itne saare submissions... sheee thoooo" (poulami fans!! hehe REFER : Roadies Hell down Under.. if u dnt knw who poulami is!!!)

Finally Done!!! already gone zzzzzzzzzz.....

P.S : And THEN came the Farewell Party...
I wont put any pics.. but a LONG post on wht happened!!

P.S : Do see my lovely description on
Karan's Blog.. Mwahh!!! (thanks for d 9/10 hehehe) :)


fms1988 said...

Awww !
U seem to have had so much fun..The pics are great sachi.
Thanks a ton
Cant wait to hear about the farewell party!
Yaar Annie u got me emosanal..:P

rads said...

Great captures...I miss my college days too.

Jagged Edge said...

heyyy lovely photolog... courtesy my camera ;)

Zai Kerkar said...

hey i'm miss accenture/gatech france/USC/bhains.
But thank god u didnt call me miss buffalo :D

n i want those pics!

Zai Kerkar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zai Kerkar said...

i was actually sleeping there. thanks to the lack of sleep due to submissions.

DPhatsez said...

oh this is just the beginning of reminiscing.3 years since i've left college. Memories still surface. Congrats on completing a significant era in thy life

I'm sure tons of pics and posts will follow :)

IcE MaiDeN said...


(wails louder)

Ms.R. said...

Awwww this was so touching. Reminded me sordidly about my own coll days. :D

gargi said...

Awwww... good old days hun.. :)

The Blue Indian said...

Awesome pics.. especially the one of u and Mona is seriously one of THE BEST pics in the collection- the relief of having done with the submissions is so clearly visible on your faces- a complete reversal of the expressions that I saw both of you in, on MY last working day at VJTI.

bondgal_rulz said...

Awwwww......this was SO hear-warming. :)

You reminded me of my glorious days at college. *happy sad smiley*

Here's wishing you all the luck for your future. :)


IcE MaiDeN said...


Awww... (happy sad smiley)

neeraj_only said...

awwww! annie....all good thinge end :P

want to comment on all pics ...but me lazy ...

my pick
#last minute copying ..lolz.......i call this "slavery-rocks"......copy-paste :P

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