Apr 2, 2009

From Me to You... :)

Inspired by my dearest angel Seno.. here is my version of 'A desperate Plea'..


I'm silly.. and I'm sweet..
Let me talk.. and you look on,
I'm a kid.. and I'm vulnerable..
Let me fall.. and then pick me up..
I am a baby.. let me cry..
Gather me in your strong arms
And save me from all harm

Make me whole..Breathe new life into me
Cz I hav been lying empty for so long..
I am lonely and I am scared,
I feel hollow and my heart is sad..

Give all ur love to me and then some more
Make me believe in rainbows again
Hug me tight.. never let me go,
Take me out, and buy me balloons,
Bring me chocolate chip icecream.. make me melt,
Laugh with me.. And tell me I'm cute..
Make me fall in love with you baby..

I will smile and I will act crazy...
I wont let you see how much it hurts baby..
See through the fake and take my hand
Tell me it will be allright soon
And you'll be there till the end..

I m a little bit of sugar
And lots of spice,
I m a little bit of good
And lots of bad,
Smile at me like I'm the only woman u see
Smooth my curls and gaze into my eyes
Kiss me senseless and leave me breathless

I'll trust u with my heart, Don't let it break..
Cz I love the way u say my name,
Come to me baby
And kiss my fingertips..
Swish your wand and make it magical
Take me away..

P.S : Hope u know how to read between the lines.. :)
P.P.S : Silly i know!!! I m in a silly mood.. hehe.
P.P.P.S : For no one in particular!!! don't get any ideas.. hehe :P


Ms.R. said...

Truly an extended desperate plea. Nice work. (:

IcE MaiDeN said...

aww thx fatty.. :) :P :D

Dream'R said...

hehe..u sure u aint aksin for too much??.. itne saare demands!!...whoa!!...but its a really sweet poem...(grinning)...hehe

IcE MaiDeN said...

heyyy how is this asking for too much??!!!

I m sure there will be atleast ONE guy who wont say ...listening to my talks... holding me.. taking me out...buying ballons.. gettin icecream... n lovin me...n kissing em senseless... is a lot of hard work!!! comeon!!! (grins) hehe lolz.

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