May 12, 2009

"Just me and my baby"

(written from guys point of view. :))

I used to be d star,
Bang in d middle of the crowd that used to applaud,
Making merry and cracking jokes
Hiding behind a wall that no one could break down.

Going home lonely
The guys have left with their girls
And there's no one who gives me company
Its just me. Only me.

N there she is... waiting for me
Always ready for me, silent. so silent.
She sings her song as I fire her up,
N my heart sings along.

She knows all about d dreams I saw
And about d girl who broke them apart
She knows about d times I cried and let it all out
She knows me. So well. Inside out.

She takes me away, letting me ride,
Takes me places faraway, places unknown
N I don't have to hide anymore when I'm with her
N no one judges me .. No one stares anymore.

She calls me again tonight
Into the beautiful darkness
The moon hangs low like a peep hole to another world
And the highway seems like the right way to go. Away. Faraway.

The rhymes don't make any sense
N d world fights low and dirty
U guys, I m going away for a while
Just me and my baby. For a while.

I don't care where I m going, it aint home
I don't know when Ill be back my friends
so miss me while i m gone..
There's a ride I need to get on. 
Its Personal.

Its just me n my baby tonight.

P.S: Dedicated to a special someone who loves his bike. Obsessively. :)
P.P.S : If you are a biker, tell me in one sentence what is your relationship with your bike. I'm taking a survey. :)


bondgal_rulz said...

:O :O



P.S. I know this is a super lame comment...but uh, well, can't help it!!

IcE MaiDeN said...

hehehe its ok..

its a guy-bike thng.. took me alos ages to understand. :P :)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, you are very very creative :)

IcE MaiDeN said...


hey thank u!! :)

DPhatsez said...

sniff i miss my bike! boohoo!

The Blue Indian said...

Though this is for "guy and his BIKE", I can relate to it as much without having a bike- my "sweetheart" is a hundred times more powerful than a bike.. if you know what I am referring to :-)

These lines perfectly portray my feelings when I am with my "sweetheart"-
She takes me away, letting me ride,
Takes me places faraway, places unknown
N I dont have to hide anymore whn im wid her
N noone judges me .. Noone stares anymore.

The rhymes dont make any sense
N d world fights low and dirty
U guys, I m goin away for a while
Jus me and my baby. For a while.

I dont care where I m goin, it aint home
I dont knw whn Ill be back my frnds
so miss me while i m gone..
Theres a ride I need to get on. Its Personal.

PS: If you don't still get what I am referring to, chullu bhar pani me doob mar! :P

IcE MaiDeN said...

Koi nahi.. ull be reunited wid d love of ur life soon. :)

Um i can only guess.. bt dont hate me if i m wrng.. uh, trains? :P :D

Quest said...

I am not a biker but a 'carer' :D


IcE MaiDeN said...

well den tell me abt ur reltnship wid ur car. :P :)

Arnab Majumdar said...

I'm not that into poems, and I'm not into bikes... but I still enjoyed reading it :D

By the way, your exams over?

Anonymous said...

Kido loves bicycles!!! :)

B/w nice poem :)

IcE MaiDeN said...

hey kido. welcome here. :)
me too love bicycles. :P :D

Sorcerer said...

your creativity should be measured on Richter scale..You rock !

My bike!!
Its a fire breathing dragon!

IcE MaiDeN said...

Thank u! :)

DPhatsez said...

I had a pulsar. So its a 'guy thing'. Hence my theme song while driving my trusted steed is 'Bad to the bone' (its the song when Arnold in t2 mounts his bike!!) \m/

яノςんム said...


i understand tht totally :D
though i dun ride bike, but i know riding and i have ridden a BULLET THUNDERBIRD as well :D

The Blue Indian said...


No dear, in fact I would have hated you if you had guessed anything else!

The clickity-clack rhythm of metal
The chugging of the smoking diesel engine
The gentle breeze hitting your face
The little raindrops on the window sill
Little children waving from hamlets
A sadhu and dog on a deserted platform
Hot tea in the middle of the night
Sunrise and sunset in the middle of nowhere
The Romance of Train Travel is timeless :-)

IcE MaiDeN said...


wow!!! tht song TOTALLY rocks!!! :) :)

@ Karan..

Ahhh!!! dat SOOOO sums up evertythng i LOVE abt trains.. wow wow.. chupa rustam.. i didnt knw u czn write poems too. ;-)


IcE MaiDeN said...


wow!!! Bikes rock on a starry nyt dont they? (wink wink) :P

neeraj_only said...

sweet blog entry annie!!...u know everything about guys world :P

multi purpose thing bike is....

if the algorithm is....
#1: get a girl.

#2: maintain the girl.

#3: move-on from the gal if 'she' is not meant for you.

having bike is preferable resource to implement in above 'recursive' algorithm...

IcE MaiDeN said...

lolz lolz neeraj!!! waah kya algo likha hai!! jeeyo mere sher!!! hehehehe :P :D :D
woh bhi recursive!!! excellent use of functions!!! hehehe lolzzz :P

N ya i was raised a tomboy.. kya kare. bt still, i m nt much of s bik gal.. jiske liye poem likhi hai uski hi bike pe baithi hu... PAGAL jaise chalata hai.. so i thought ill dedicate a poem to him. n his GORGEOUS bike. :)


neeraj_only said...

recursive is better..haan performance issue ho sakta that case iterative lagaya jaa sakta hai ;) ( one gal at a time....hehe....lolz )

IcE MaiDeN said...

Excellent!!! Full Marks.. :P :D

ABHISHEK SiM said...

lovely. u kind of surprised me. i thoughts girls understand these feelings. good work! the lines are so.. authentic!

abt my bike - this for your survey:

salary mein hike hai toh-
haath mein neyi bike hai.
and... i m
waiting for my first salary :D

Quest said...

Me & My car -driving others nuts :D


Hopeless Romantic said...

hahaha....i know guys like this a lot ..good one !

btw, by any chance have u un-followed me ....haven't seen u in a long time !

stay in touch !

IcE MaiDeN said...


I guess u meant grls DONT understand these feelings. :P
Bt neway thnks for d praise.

N hope u get dat bike outta ur paycheck soon. :)

uhh ok. :P

Have i? my follwers gadget has been acting funny.. ill check.. actually my exams hav been ongoin.. so havent been readin blogs so much. :P

ill be back soon i promise. :)

Bye bye

fms1988 said...

Sahi hai !
Im gonna have to send this link to a few bike lover out there :P

Jagged Edge said...

niiice :) so many biker dude's chipping in.. ;)

Da Rodent said...

Your bike is like your wife. You know her in and out. :)

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