Mar 31, 2009

Another Tag!! :)

Ok, M doing another TAG. I love tags. End of line. :)

Ten Things You Wish You Could Say to People, don’t take any names (Oh I hav done this already here. Bt I took names. lolz. ok ill do again. Some other people this time then. )
1. I wish u guys would hav made more time for me. I wish u all knew that my silence means tht something is terribly terribly wrong. Pata hai na?!! I am never this silent. And no matter what I always bounce back up wid new energy.. Y didn’t u come see whn u knew that this time I allowed myself to get swallowed up in all d hurt. I didn’t bounce back up.. n I waited for u to come and make me allright. Y?

2. Meow!.Maoo..Mew!. :) *I love you still.. no matter where u are!! :) * MeEeoOoWwW!!!

3. “Teardrops on my guitar” for u. I wish u knew hw big a crush I had on u. things wud hav been so so so so different if u had only seen me as someone more than ur best friend…Tu kharach stupid aahes!! Lolz.

4. Thanks Jenny, for givin me the awesomest tattoo.. yayy!! U ROCK!!! :)

5. I am probably in a post-breakup vulnerable phase. Inspite of being a naturally crazy and impulsive person, I normally dun lose my head over things I can’t see… something about talking to you makes me feel so at ease…inspite of not knowing u & being a million miles away from u.. I m nt dumb enuf to set myself up for another disaster by falling for you, but I can’t help but feel my heart do a little hop, skip, jump when I see the green dot next to ur name. *Lolz. I m silly!!! :P**

6. I hope to God, they put u in jail someday. I hope u realize that freaking people over by sending them mail that qualifies as porn makes u appear like a sex-crazed dickhead. Which you probably are. I hope someone gives u a good kick on a strategic location and ends ur reproductive years before they even begin. (%$#@!@&^%$)

7. Thanks Na, for being the awesomest friend (Blogger 5). You are an angel and I will love u till the very last moment of my life. And I m gonna turn ur good good children into good bratty children by being their supercool godmom. :P

8. Ur an ass. U are the most disgusting thing that ever walked on earth. Ur pretense doesn’t fool me. I knw u talk a lot of shit about me behind my back. Grow up u &^%$#!@@. Ur stupid. U may be very intelligent as ur grades reflect, but to be ur the most dim witted person EVER. I wonder how ur girlfriend puts up with you!!!

9. No matter where we go from here on, I know there will be a part of me that will always hav feelings for you. I knw I will never forget u bcz the time i spent wid u ..was one of the most amazing ever... I hope someday u look behind on ur life, n say that ur missing something cz I m nt ther by ur side. Wish u the best of luck! & hope u act more sensibly wid others than u did wid me..

10. Dear Annie.. Tough Times don’t last…Tough People Do!! :)

Nine things about you
1. I m a certified psycho.
2. I love crayons, Kohl, Notepad, Glitterpens, Ballons, Roses, Kitties, Babies. :P Oh n Smileys. :) :D
3. I jus told this to a frnd on gtalk... my life is one damn comic strip!!! lolz.
4. I wrote my first poem when I was in the 6th standard. (:o a decade ago!! wow.. tht long!!). Topic: Heartbreak. Lolz. Figures!!! :P
5. I am a complete kid!! I name my stuff, I talk abt silly things, I ask random question jus to knw u better, I talk in baby-language wid babies and kitty-language with kitties, I am perpetually confused and lost. Lolz.
6. I fall in love with anything that catches my fancy. Lolz. whether it is Edward Cullen or the gorgeous converse shoes I jus saw. :P
7. I want to visit Egypt one day, cuz I m pretty knowledgeable abt the Egyptians. I hav been fascinated by them since I first found out abt them, which would be in the 4th standard. Want to see The Valley of the Kings.
8. After I have had my bath, my bathroom smells nice. It smells like lavender and rose, combined with warmth. I love writing stuff on the fogged up mirror glass. (Yes Yes a la, Phoebe Buffay!!!)
9. When I die, I want to be buried, instead of being cremated. And I want someone to get me white lilies every Sunday.

Eight ways to win your heart
1. It’s so easy!!! U wont hav to try really!! Plz plz be urself. Don’t be a fake.
2. Observe me, a lot of things make me go "Awww", do any of them. & u got me! hehe.
3. Kiss my fingertips.
4. Play at least one sport. Preferably basketball. Waise football bhi chalega, lekin samjhana padega. Cuz I never ever understood football. :P
5. Take a ride wid me. Buses or trains. Doesn’t matter. N talk abt silly things wid me. Rem I m a kid!! :)
6. See beyond wht I usually let people see of me. Jus bcz I m laughing, doesn’t mean I m happy.
7. Be the last person I talk before I sleep and the first one in d morning.
8. Dun make promises u can’t keep. Dun promise me forever if u can’t gimme tht. It’s ok if u promise me a awesome weekend instead. Be true.

Seven things that are on your mind a lot (random ordering)
1. Projects (its givin me the chills)
2. Assignments
3. Submissions.
4. Ro.
5. Books I hav read recently. (Twilight, Hossieni)
6. Friends who I haven’t called in a while. N who hav not called me back either. Maar kahne waleho sab!! :D
7. Um... a certain fairytale character. Who rides on a white horse, and has big beautiful eyes, Lolz. :D

Six things you wish you never did (umm.. m nt actually d kind of person to regret anything. bt I’ll try summing some things..)
1. Being too crazy to handle.
2. Told some things to people because I got carried away in a emotional moment.
3. Detach myself from things I loved to do for a guy. It’s so hard to get back to them all whn d guy is gone. :(
4. Being so vulnerable n breakable.
5. Sometimes I hav ended up hurting people.. in like no-win situations where u make the hard choice. I wish there wud hav been an easier way.
6. I aborted one scan check on my lappy. N tht resulted in my lappy shutting itself down (its DELL.. it has a brain of its own!!). n THT resulted in all my movies (50GB) and seasons (all FRIENDS, HIMYM, PrisonBreak) getting deleted. *sob sob!!!*

Five things that turn you off
1. Hypocrites.
2. Roaches. Of all kinds. Even the two legged variety. :P
3. People who judge other people they hav never even spoken to. On the basis of things like clothes, hair color, or the pitch of their voices. Get.A.Life.Loser. (Advice: If u havent lived my life, dun critize the choices I hav made in my life. )
4. Non Patriotic Beings. I SO wish I cud personally kick u out of here!!! (*^%$#^$#%@*)
5. People who differentiate between things boys can/can't do and girls can/can't do. (%$#@%&^%$!@... Yeah I swear a lot! SO WHT?!?!!??)

Four turn on’s
1. Spontaneity.
2. Kissing in d rain. *wink wink* (..heyyy r talkin abt turn-ons arent we?!!)
3. Something tht comes under the category of sweeping me off my feet. :)
4. Nice Hands. *crazy i knw!!! Bt i dunno y, honestly!!*

Three things you want to do before you die
1. Visit places I have been underlining on d world map...for so long now!!!
2. Be Super-Mom. :)
3. Feel completely at peace with myself. Its ok even if this happens the second before I die. Bt it HAS to happen.

Two smileys that describe you
1. :D
2. :P

One confession
Even though I appear totally cool and composed on the surface… I feel like I may break at the slightest touch… I am craving for a really warm hug right now.

Mar 29, 2009


Dear Weird Tata Indicom Guy,
I don't really know how to tell you this. Our affair is over. I think I realized it When I finally changed my underwear , Outside of your office and I saw you Pull the pants off of My boyfriend . I'm sure you're Middle-class enough to understand That you need a sex-change. I'm returning your The cut toenails to you, but I'll keep My virginity as a memory. You should also know that I Never will forget that night and you should stop picking your nose.

Kiss my butt & With tears of sadness & Go drown yourself,
*wht d heck was dat??!!!**Laughing so hard, appu and wildchild & Nikhil & whoever else has tagged me wid this?? , i fell of my desk!!! LOLZ. :P :D :)) =))*

Here's how you do it..TAG 10 PEOPLE OR MORE AND THEN....
Dear (person you spoke to recently),I don't really know how to tell you this, (1). I think I realized it (2)(3) and I saw you (4)(5). I'm surre you're (6) enough to understand (7). I'm returning your (8) to you, but I'll keep (9) as a memory. You should also know that I (10) and (11).

1) What's the color of your shirt?
Blue - I'm in love with your cat
Red - Our affair is over
White - I’m joining the Convent
Black -Our romance is over
Green- Our socks don't match
Grey - You're a leprechaun
Yellow - I'm selling myself for candy
Pink - Your nostrils are insulting
Brown - The mafia wants you
No shirt - Purple hedgehogs want to destroy you
Other -I dislike your eyelashes

2) Which is your birth month?
January - That night you picked your nose
February -When I quoted Forrest Gump
March - When your dwarf bit me
April - When I tripped on peanut butter
May - When I threw up in your sock drawer
June - When you put cuffs on me
July – When I saw the purple monkey
August - When you smacked my ass
September - Last year when you peed your pants
October - When we skinny dipped in the bathtub
November - When your dog humped my leg
December - When I finally changed my underwear

3) Which food do you prefer?
Tacos - When we skinny dipped in the bathtub
Chicken- In your car
Pasta - Outside of your office
Hamburgers - Under the bus
Salad – As you were eating Kraft Dinner
Lasagna - In your closet
Kebab - With Jean Chr├ętien
Fish - In a clown suit
Sandwiches - At the Elton John concert
Pizza - At the mental hospital
Hot dog - Under a street light
Annat- With George Bush and Stephen Harper

4) What's the color of your socks?
Yellow - Ignore
Red - Put whipped cream on
Black - Hit on
Blue - Knock out
Purple - Pour syrup on
White - Carve your initials into
Grey - Pull the clothes off
Brown - bit of
Orange - Castrate
Pink - Pull the pants off of
Barefoot - Sit on
Other - Drive over

5) What's the color of your pants?
Black - My boyfriend
White - My father
Grey – The Catholic Priest
Brown – The Montreal Canadian’s goalie
Purple - My corned beef hash
Red – My knee caps
Blue - My salt-beef bucket
Yellow - My illegitimate child in Ghana
Orange - My Blink 182 cd
Pink – Your ‘My Little Pony’ collection
Other --The elephant in the corner

6) What do you prefer to watch on TV?
One Tree Hill - Senile
Heroes- Frostbitten
Lost - High
Simpsons- Cowardly
The news - Scarred
American Idol - Masochistic
Family Guy - OpenTop Model - Middle-class
Annat -shamed

7) Your mood right now?
Happy - How awful you are
Sad - How boring you are
Bored - That I get turned on only by garbage men
Angry - That your smell makes me vomit
Depressed – That we’re related
Excited - That I may pee my pants
Nervous - The middle-east is planning their revenge on youWorried - That your Ford sucks
Apathetic - That you need a sex-change
Silly - That I'm allergic to your earlobes
Cuddly - That Santa doesn't exist
Ashamed - That there is no solution to you being a dumb kid
Other - That your driving sucks

8) What's the color of your walls in your bedroom?
White - Your toe ring
Yellow - Your love letters to me
Red - The pictures from Vegas
Black - Your pet rock
Blue - The couch cushions
Green - Your car
Orange - Your false teeth
Brown - Your nose hair clippers
Grey - Our matching snoopy underwear
Purple - Your old New Kids on the Block blanket
Pink - The cut toenails
Other - Your Hannah Montana underwear

9) The first letter of your first name?
A/B - My virginity
C/D - Your photo with the moustache drawn on it
E/F - Your neighbors dog
G/H - The oil tank from your car
I/J - Your left ear
K/L - The results of that blood-sample
M/N - Your glass eye
O/P - My common sense
Q/R - Your mom
S/T - Your collection of butterflies
U/V - Your criminal record
W/X – Your sucide note
Y/Z - Your credit cards

10) The last letter in your last name?
A/B - Love your sweet, sweet ass
C/D - Always will remember the pep talks
E/F -Never will forget that night
G/H – Will not tell the authorites that you stole the whale from the backyard.
I/J – Mocked you behind your back constantly
K/L - Hate your cooking
M/N - Told in my confession today about the moose poaching
O/P - Told my psychiatrist about the bruises
Q/R - Always wanted to break your legs
S/T - Get sick when I think of your feet
U/V - Will try to forget that you broke my heart
W/X - Haven’t showered in a month
Y/Z – am better off without you

11) What do you prefer to drink?
Wine- Our friendship is ruined
Soft drink – I’m off to lead a new life as a lemon
Soda – I will haunt you when I’m reincarnated as an Eskimo
Milk - The apartment building is on fire
Water – I'm scratching my butt as you read this
Cider– I have a passionate interest for mice
Juice – You ruined my attempts at another world war
Mineral/Vitamin water – You should get that embarrassing rash checked
Hot chocolate – Your Cucumber-fetishism is weird
Whiskey - I love Oprah Winfrey
Beer – Thanks for the Cocaine
Other – you should stop picking your nose

12) To which country would you prefer to go on a vacation?
Thailand – Warm tingly sensations
Australia - Best of luck on the sex change
France - Love always
Spain - With tears of sadness
China – You make me sick
Germany – Please don’t hurt me
Japan - Go milk a cow
Greece - Your everlasting enemy
USA - Greetings to your frog Leonard
Egypt – Kiss my butt
England - Go drown yourself

P.S: Anyone n evryone is welcome to do this tag... lolz. its CRAZY!!! :P

Mar 28, 2009

Lazy Saturday!!...

Since i didnt hav anythng better to do all weekend, I finally got started on all d movies that i took from Zai's HDD the other day.. So as saturday dawned sunny and bright today morning, me still lazyin around wid HAW in bed.. thinking wht to do all day, as i hav already finished my assignment on c#, I switched on Mr. Lynx, browsing thru the 'Movies' folder... and ended up watching 4eps of HIMYM, and 3 movies back to back.. gosh!! tht felt good.. its been a while since i hav spent and entire day..doing nuthin..usually it wud hav been basketball, cheese omelet, stroll around college... well, hav to get used to it now.. so, getting back to the 'Movies' topic.. heres wht i saw..

Its been a while since i saw HIMYM, (Zai.. u hav 2gimme the latest eps. i m still stuck on 'Little Minnesota'.. ) I went to Intervention.. thts my fav, its so funny!!! n then watched a few others, Slutty Pumpkin, Mary the Paralegal, n then Chain of Screaming ..

I got settled with some coke, n sat to watch YDMWTZ... umm (zohan). Yuck yuck yuck!!! Zaaaiiiii hw cud u giv me this...ewww.. I dun want to see Adam Sandler's ass... for dat matter nethng!! ew! bt neway, i watched the movie.. umm.. i m nt really a dirty funny movie person, save Scary Movie, bt neway, wht d heck.. it was 2 hrs of crazy crazy crazy storyline.. (i dun recommend d movie to ANYONE!!!)

Thn, since I hav always been a die hard romantic, I hav lik an impossible collection of romantic movies, I decided to catch up some old movies I havent seen in a while... got started wid 'Runaway Bride'.. always been a Julia Roberts fan.. its one of my fav fav movies.. Love the way she gives him multicolor hairdo.. hahah...

Then I started wid 'While You Were Sleeping'.. which is one movie i havent seen in years.. Infact, if i rem correctly, I havent seen it since I was in school. Rem, tht Sandra Bullock movie.. yea thts the one.. 'I m in lov wid ur son.. not this one, the other one.. :)' I had a Awww time watching the christmas time romantic.. Chicago with the twinkling lights.. n d cold..

I saw a lot of me in both Lucy and Maggie. Spunky & chatty like Maggie and kiddish & lonely lik Lucy. From where I m seeing life right now, I see myself lik Lucy, wid a cat for a best friend, kicking up a storm wid friends, bt so alone on d inside & then someone jus lik Jack or Ike, will come and discover all that I hav kept hidden from the world. Who will walk me home, in d snow like Jack, asking me silly questions about where i want to go for a holiday. & someone like Ike, who will see beyond the laughter and the twinkles. Someone who wont fret about me being a boyish gal.. lolz. & someone who would play cards wid me in his PJ's and would actually like to knw hw i like my eggs. (u wun get any of these wishes if u havent seen the movies yet!!).. D one who'll ride off into the sunset wid me on a horse.. :) *awww...*

Ahh!! wht can i say.. hopeless romantic that i m!! :)

P.S: 'Life doesnt always go d way u plan it.. '
P.P.S : Shud hav added these two couple on Luv to luv em wala post!! :P

Mar 27, 2009

Happy Gudi Padwa!!!

Since most of my non-Maharashtrian friends dunno the significance of this day, heres a lil info for thm :

Gudi Padwa is celebrated on the first day of the Chaitra,and is celebrated as New Years Day by Maharashtrian, Hindu, Konkanis. According to the 'Brahma Purana', it was on this day that Brahma created the world after the deluge and time came into existence from this day forth.

Gudi Padwa is especially dedicated to the worship of Lord Brahma. Many legends go that this festival is observed as the victory over Bali. So the Brahmadhvaj is hoisted in every house as a symbol of victory. So is the Gudi. The “Gudis” are marked as a symbol of Victory of Maratha Force and this was led by the great hero Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. “Gudis” are raised for fearing away the evil and welcoming good luck and prosperity.

Wishing everyone a very very Happy New Year!!! Hope this new year fulfill all your heart's desires.. :)

P.S : Gudi Padwa means lots n lots of sweets for me.. n new clothes.. :) so me off to get thm all. Hope u hav a nice time too..

Mar 26, 2009

Notes to self...

-- stop putting lyrics of fav songs as blog posts... hw much ever u like the songs.. *sheesh!! STOP!!!*
--nails hav grown long n lovely..shud find some nice nail paint..(before u mak a face.. i m nt really into beauty care, esp nails.. cz i alwasy kept them nice n short on account of guitar n baski.. nw since i m nt keen on either of the two things... well..)--take a poll on wht suited me more- poker straight hair/natural curls...(i can never decide!!)
-- STUDY!!! ARRGGHHH!!!! :(--shop shop shop!!! ur out of a lotttt of things..--slow down u crazy child..(ok i m doin it again.. song lyrics.. aaarrgghh...)--keep up wid the prgrmming.. its IMP!!--life is a bitch!!! live wid it!!!
--Princes dun exist in real life (hehe)..n life is nt a pretty ball n swayin away in a handsome princes arms..stop believin in fairytales... --cant think of nethng ryt now.. so sleep.. ur working urself out very much..--zzzzzzzzzzzz....
--stop dreaming abt things that will never change..--zz zzzz zzzzz zzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

Mar 25, 2009

Big grls Dun Cry...

The smell of your skin lingers on me now
You're probably on your flight back to your home town
I need some shelter of my own protection baby
To be with myself and center, clarity
Peace, Serenity

I hope you know, I hope you know
That this has nothing to with you
It's personal, Myself and I
We've got some straightenin' out to do
And I'm gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket
But I've got to get a move on with my life
Its time to be a big girl now
And big girls don't cry

The path that I'm walking
I must go alone
I must take the baby steps until I'm full grown
Fairytales don't always have a happy ending, do they
And I foresee the dark ahead if I stay

I hope you know, I hope you know
That this has nothing to with you
It's personal, Myself and I
We've got some straightenin' out to do
And I'm gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket
But I've got to get a move on with my life
Its time to be a big girl now
And big girls don't cry

Like the little school mate in the school yard
We'll play jacks and uno cards
Ill be your best friend and you'll be mine
Yes you can hold my hand if u want to
Cause I want to hold yours too
Well be playmates and lovers and share our secret worlds
But its time for me to go home
Its getting late, dark outside
I need to be with myself instead of calamity
Peace, Serenity

I hope you know, I hope you know
That this has nothing to do with you
It's personal, Myself and I
We've got some straightenin' out to do
And I'm gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket
But I've got to get a move on with my life
Its time to be a big girl now
And big girls don't cry
Don't cry
Don't cry
Don't cry
* Once again a song thats been stuck in my head lately.. so perfect for me.. :) *

Mar 24, 2009

HAPPY 1st BDAY BLOG!!! yay!

Today is a very very very special day for me!! *unable to contain the huge toothy smile.. hehe* Drumroll please...

Its my BLOG"S BIRTHDAY!!!! Yayyyyy!!!! My blog has turned a year old today.. n i feel amazing for having kept it thriving for so long!!! kudos to me!! :)

Happy bday to you...

Happy Bday to uuu...

Happy Bday dear Blog..

Happy Bday to youuu....
*applause please...*

n along wid all this, this also happens to be my 50th post. wowie wow. i m grinning lik a fool.. *sings to herself*

Thanks to everyone who kept Blogsville from turning into a depressing place for me, (lik orkut has lately!!), thanks to everyone who connected wid the things i write, widout even knowin the person who wrote them.. thanks a lot YOU!! for coming here, n making me do something i wudnt hav followed so passionately otherwise... THANKS!!

Mar 23, 2009


I am in a *grinning foolishly* mood... so i want to introduce u all to my bestest cutest loveliest friend. His name is HAW *as in d :O look.. * He has the bluest eyes I have ever seen and the cutest lost expression on his face. No matter hw shitty my day, Haw always makes me smile. His paws are so soft, i feel wonderful to clutch them in my own tiny hands. :)

Haw means the world to me. Every night i goto sleep with Haw right beside me, and the first thing that greets me are Haw's bottomless beautiful eyes. I carry Haw wid me everywhere i go, and no matter hw i m feeling, Haw always makes me feel all warm inside and amazingly silly in love.
lolz. :D

Ok, nw i getting really boring to all u ppl. forgive me for my temporary bout of craziness. :D

Disclaimer: I have always maintained that I am a total kid!! :)

Slow Down You Crazy Child...

Slow down you crazy child
You're so ambitious for a juvenile
But then if you're so smart tell me why
You are still so afraid?

Where's the fire, what's the hurry about?
You better cool it off before you burn it out
You got so much to do and only
So many hours in a day

But you know that when the truth is told
That you can get what you want

Or you an just get old
You're gonna kick off before you even get halfway through
When will you realize...Vienna waits for you

Slow down you're doing fine
You can't be everything you want to be
Before your time
Although it's so romantic on the borderline tonight
Too bad but it's the life you lead
You're so ahead of yourself
That you forgot what you need
Though you can see when you're wrong
But you know you can't always see when you're right

You got your passion you got your pride
But don't you know only fools are satisfied?
Dream on but don't imagine they'll al come true
When will you realize... Vienna waits for you

Slow down you crazy child
Take the phone off the hook
And disappeaar for a while
It's alright you can afford to lose a day or two
When will you realize...Vienna waits for you.


P.S: Hav been hearing this song for a while now. Most ppl dunno abt it. Its called "Vienna" - Billy Joel. Feels lik he was speaking to this crazy child called Annie...

Mar 22, 2009

TAGGED!!! By Nikhil... *Damn! I Love Tags!!*

*Really Long Tag. So plz bear wid me.. lol*

1. Last beverage: Actually I jus had cough syrup, bt since i wudnt want to classify tht as beverage, i'll say coffee. lolz.
2. Last phone call: Mom, shes worried sick tht i am unwell. :(
3. Last text message: Moni.. HAIL 160 by 2 *bown down*
4. Last song you listened to: Teri Yaadein *LOVE STORY*
5. Last time you cried: Yesterday.. hav been lik dat on-off lately…

6. Dated someone twice: Umm... Not yet. (Once the gone's the gone's..)

7. Been cheated on? NO.
8. Kissed someone & regretted it? Yes.. ppl. Stop imagining who. U wudnt know.
9. Lost someone special? Yes…
10. Been depressed? Haven’t been anything else since a long time now.
11. Been drunk and threw up? Nope. I dun lik to lose control over myself, so I avoid getting REALLY drunk. Smart huh? :P

12. Blue
13. Black
14. Red

15. Made new friends:
I make new frnds all d time.
16. Fallen out of love: To be honest, No. A part of the relationship always stays, no matter wht. N I havnt ever had horrible relationships.?
17. Laughed until you cried: Oh yes. I m a member of d Wizards Gang. Wht else to expect huh? Do I hear some cheers in dbackground?? :)
18. Met someone who changed you: Yes.
19. Found out who your true friends were: Yes.. Life changing search process it was.
20. Found out someone was talking about you: HAHAHA *sarcastic laugh* Ppl talk abt me d time. :D
21. Kissed anyone on your friend's list: Ummm….. Yes. *wink wink*
22. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life: A majority of my newest and dearest frnds, I hav never met. And the d rest of d ones that are very close to me, I meet them everyday.
23. How many kids do you want to have: Three.
24. Do you have any pets: Not exactly. I had them at d place I stayed earlier. 3 cats.
25. Do you want to change your name: I wanted to some time back. Now no. I love d way ppl call me ‘Annie’ or 'Ans' nw.. hehe.
26. What did you do for your last birthday: Cried a lot. Plz dun ask. :(
27. What time did you wake up today: 6.30 am. Such an unreal time I know. I sat in bed for a couple of minutes utterly blank, wondering y the hell am I awake so early. Then I realized it was training day.
28. What were you doing at midnight last night: Sleeping. I m nt much of an insomniac owl.
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for : Getting a paycheck. I hav BIG plans for all d booty. Mwaahhhahhahha… :)
30. Last time you saw your father: umm.. dun rem. :
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: oh, lots of things.. in short, I wish I would hav been different than from wht I am, enuf to still hav Ro in my life.
32. Most visited web page: Blogger, Yahoo, Google, Wikipedia, PlanetSourceCode (lolz), W3Schools

Whats your:
33. Name: Anita
34. Nicknames: Annie, Tina, Ta, Ans, Tweety, Baby, Baccha, Meow, Anu. Recently acquired 'Cindy'. :P :D
35. Zodiac sign: Saggi. *We ROCK!!!*
36. Male or female or transgendered: Female.
37. Elementary: SSC
38. School: HSC
39. Colleges: Sathaye College, VileParle. And thenV.J.T.I Btech Computers. *smirks*
40. Hair color: Auburn
41. Long or short: Crazy Curly Long.
42. Height: 5’2’’
43. Do you have a crush on someone? No. Wait. Yes. Before u get ideas, its jus Ro.
44. Ever been in love? Yes, very much still in love.
45. Piercings? Ears, hopefully navel soon. Lolz.
46. Tattoos? Ahhh…wid pleasure I say.. YES. :) getting another VERY soon.
47. Righty or lefty: Ambidextrous *hehehe*

48. First surgery: Yes. Bt I was too little. Dun rem. Had a hole in d heart whn I was jus born.
49. First piercing: Dun Rem. I was in kindergarden I guess.
50. First best friend: MANY! To name a few of dem – all my girlies from VJ, ILMB gals I talk to regularly.
51. First sport you loved: BASKETBALL. Hand down.
52. First pet : Kitttyyyy…:)
53. First vacation: Vac wid family : Rajasthan , wid frnds : Goa. WOOHOO!!!
54. First concert: Sonu Nigam
55. First crush: Rahul. School star athelete. He didn’t even I existed. I was CRAZY abt him for over 4 years. *wrinkles nose wid fond memories..*

56. Eating: Some bitter tablets for cough
57. Drinking: Cough syrup. Sheesh I m a depressed personality.
58. I'm about to: GOSSIP!!! Lolz. Hey! I m on a grls nyt out.
59. Listening to: Piya Basanti ree… kahe sataye aaja… (hey! Before tht it was playin Somwhere I belong. Dun call me sad!)
60. Waiting for: Some divine power to straighten out my messed up love life…

61. Want kids? Of my own or otherwise, VERY MUCH YES!!! I love kids, n they love me. :D
62. Want to get married? Umm.. maybe. Dunno as of now.
63. Careers in mind? Software engineer. Someday, teacher or writer.

64. Lips or eyes: Both. Eyes to do all d talking and Lips to do all d showing.
65. Hugs or kisses: how about a kiss while ur huggin me? ;)
66. Shorter or taller: Taller
67. Older or Younger: Older
68. Romantic or spontaneous: Both. Depends on d situation.
69. Nice stomach or nice arms: Ahh.. tough choice, bt I think Nice Stomach..
70. Sensitive or loud: Both. Jus lik me. *smiles*
71. Hook-up or relationship: seen and been in both. Both hav their share of fun and troubles.
72. Trouble maker or hesitant: Both. Jus lik me! *smiles again*

73. Kissed a stranger: No. Someone I hardly knew properly - yes.
74. Lost glasses/contacts: I dun hav glasses.
75. Sex on first date: NO. widout a doubt. NO.
76. Broken someone's heart: Regretfully yes.
77. Had your own heart broken: YES! YES! YES!
78. Been arrested: No.. *wide eyed*
79. Turned someone down: No.
80. Cried when someone died: Strangely No. Oh Wait. Movies mein bohot baar. Real life No.
81. Liked a friend that is a girl? Yes. Liked u mean wht??? *wondering*

81. Yourself: Sometimes there couldn’t be a bigger loser than me… sometimes no one cud be better than me.
82. Miracles: Not really. Ok wait, I dun count getting 41/100 as miracle. :P
83. God: No.
84. Love at first sight: Yes.
85. Heaven: No. I hav no predefined concepts of life after death 0 heaven hell whtever all tht is.
86. Santa Clause: YES! I still hang out my socks. Hw crazy can I be. Bt Santa has left me toffees evry Christmas.
87. Kiss on the first date? YES.
88. Angels: sort of. Maybe yes. Dunno.
89. Devils: yes ofc. I see her everyday. In my mirror. Lolz.

90. Is there one person you want to be with right now? Ro. Yes.
91. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? YES. Hehehe. I cudnt decide which one I liked better. Bt in my defence I was a kid. I was so immature. :P
92. Wanted to kill someone ever? YES. The terrorists, rapists, molesters, abusers. *&(^^%%$#$@$
93. Among you blog mates, whom would you like to kiss? Wht sort of a question is dat??!!! Lolz.
94. Committed a blunder and regretted later? Yes.
95. Wanted to steal your friend's boyfriend / girlfriend? No. Never.

Associate with someone you know:
96. White:
Haw. Once upon a time he was white. Lolz.
97. Black: Ro. He wears it all d time
98. Pink: Me.
99. Red: Mom

100. Posting this as 100 Truths? Yes. Thts me in short for u.


P.S. Thanks for d Tag Nikhil. I m not passing the tag to anyone. Since my friends yell at me all day long in college for unnecessarily spamming them wid this stuff. Lolz. So anyone who wants to is free to go ahead and do this.

Mar 13, 2009

MY FIRST BLOG AWARD!!!! Yippeee!!!

Hey people... YIPPEEE... my first blog award!!! Awwww.... Thanks you sooooo much Lancelot... :) :P :D.... i m soooooo happy!!!!! :)

I hav been wondering for a long time, wht to write next on my blog that doesnt fall into the category of heartbreak poems/some dhapped TAG's *hehe*/ Pics taken by Karan widout crediting him for it/ news update from VJTI, where time has pretty much stopped... As we can see, i was really short of topics. N here came this award... i m grinning lik an idiot..

Got this from
Lancelot's Blog. I hav no idea wht he is like in person.. Though i guess there little to know abt him. he is so vocal abt his greatness.. hehe. he is one true Sagi. Loud, crazy, Narcissistic, amazing writer. :P. in short, for all those who know me, he puts ME at a loss of words, n makes me feels like a 60 year old SLOW person. now try imgaining that!!! THANKS a million for the award... *big warm hug!!!*

Now, i wish to pass on my award to some on the people who hav been AWESOME frnds to me in recent trying times, and also otherwise. :) here we go,

Karan - He is the one who intoduced me to blogging. Avid traveller, Railfan, awesoem writer. thanks for getting me here on Blogsville. I still owe u one... :P
Mona - My bestttt friend... inspite of all the ups n down's... she is MY rock!! I owe u one poem, and lots of parties.. :) :P AND if u ever gave attention to ur blog, it will get as many hits as Google gets in a day!!! :)
Seno - What need i say abt My Guardian Angel??? Ur the bestest!!! she in someone who shoots from the mouth, words coming straight from the heart!!! :)
Gargi - According to me, she's the next best thing to watch out for on blogsphere. She is one beauty wid brains!!! :)
Appu - She is the ONLY one i can share Edward Cullen with. hehehe.Jokes apart, she is another newbie on blogshere wid a lot of promise. n more importantly, she is a very sweet person!! :)
Anu - U deserve dis award cz of all the GREAT, level headed advice i got from u all this while.. THANKS!!! :)

*these ppl dun blog, bt of they ever did it will be an absolute delight!!!*

7. Mrids. - Thanks for taking time out EVERY SINGLE DAY to ask me hw i m doin.. u mean a lot to me... n 'thanks' jus wont be enuf to show u hw much ur words held me thru all the upsn n downs.. :)
8. Shilpa, Moni, Prani *They come in a gang of three for me!!! lolz. :P* - kuch bolna hi baaki nahi hai!!!i guess u alreday know ur very very very important to me. :)

P.S : Yaayyyyy.... i got an award!!!! :P :) :D

Mar 11, 2009

I Wont Love You Any Less...

Its been 2 week since i hav seen u last
Its been a while since u held me in ur arms
Its been jus 2 weeks since u last smiled at me
But it feels lik an eternity, love...

I didnt know it wud be so easy for you to let me go
So easy to slam down the phone and ignore all calls
I didnt know i meant so little to insignificant
when all this while, u said words that said somethng else...

Moving on, u hav left me shattered.. and confused and lost..
So devoid of strength to pick up the scattered myraid peices..
I feel the gaze of a million mocking eyes, saying "wht was she thinking?!"
Ripping to shreds everythng i had worked so hard to build..

I miss the person who had swept me away years ago,
The one who stood waiting for me a whole night,
The one who sang sweet songs to be to ease my troubles
And the one who stayed awake.. jus to watch me sleep..

I saw u the other day with ur friends,
U were smiling and joking abt somethng i dunt know..
Did u knw, tht the breath swooshed out of my lungs,
Leaving an impossible pain in its wake..

To see u so calm and composed, No hint of sadness in ur eyes..
U seemed lik u had moved on already, erased me lik somethng wrong,
I made my way slowly back home tht day, my legs felt leaden
Thinking hard abt where life was taking me.. where was i goin?

I had no answers abt all the "Why's" in my head,
I had no insight on which way to take, or who to talk to,
But something stuck me hard, as i re-read all ur letters,
And cradled all the toys that sat alone inside my cupboard...

I knew ill never be able to forget u so easy,
I knew ill always miss u... no matter hw many miles seperate us,
And i know so true, that I wont love u any less than now..
simply cz ur, n will always be, the best thing that ever happened to me..

P.S: Thanks for everything Bubu.

Mar 10, 2009

Holi Hai!!!! :)

The pyre burns... with erratic orange sparks flying away..
Spilling yellow light over evrythng tht stands near
Illuminating faces... I can see the fire dancing in their eyes
Old faces weary with the ages, lines deep on their forehead
Young faces, shining in the warm light, smiling toothy smiles...

Its the day the Holika burns..
destroying all tht was bad.. the suffering and the despair..
drinking with it, consuming all that was spite in the world
leaving jus the purity... jus the sancity.. and the smiles..

I watch the ladies with thier incence stickes and earthern lamps
and coins to be thrown... the belief on their brows..
so strong.. n so determined..
The kids dance around the holy light..
They chant prayers as the pyre burns.. cleansing us all..

I still sigh as things crowd my mind..
Y am i still so sad then?
Y can i let go of my troubles?
Y cant i let the holika wash away my pain..
leaving me too, clean and peaceful..

The wood burns with tht strange singeing sound..
The warmth of the blazing fire...seems to seep in..
All the way to the core of my bones.. n my soul..
Urging me to throw away my pain.. To let go of things.
To watch that all I hav to do is try..give it up for a moment..

And watch as they disappear with the twisting buring wood
And watch as the fire pulverizes it into somethng i dont know..
Watch it turn to dust before my eyes... so insignificant...
n feel the burden lift off my shoulders..
Move on in life, towards the light..Smiling..

... Embracing life...

Mar 8, 2009

Happy Womens Day!!!!

"She is one of the multitudes, like hundreds and thousands, millions of her kind, she remains largely invisble in our culture"

(The lights do down.. spotlight on some grls dressed up as women.. from diffrent stages in life. school grl, frnd, lover, mom, corporate woman, old woman.. the lights also on me, i m d narrator)

Who is that?
The doer of deeds
The dreamer if dreams
Who makes us believe
Who is that?
Who still wins the day
When the odds are against
& the strength fades away
Shw follows her dreams
Though the journey seems far
From the top of a mountain
She reaches out for a star
& when her job is jone
She gives us hope
She celebrates life


She.. Is a Woman.

(Deafening applause. Standing Ovation. The most memorable moment of my school life. Tears in my eyes.)

P.S : This was during my 10th stnd. N heres wishing all the powerful women i hav known a very Happy Womens Day!!! U rock!!!

Mar 5, 2009

My Tattoo!!!

A tattoo is something permanent when you've made a self-discovery…
… or something you've come to a conclusion about.
- Angelina Jolie...

Lately I hav been at the lowest times ever of my life.. Actually I m not completely done wid the bad times... I m still struggling with it. But something about this situation has completely altered the way I deal with things. With Life.

I decided to get this Arabic tattoo, which means "Strength of Will" or "Determination" (Angelina Jolie has it, n thts where I got it from), on my right wrist. *yeah I really love Angie, bt tht’s not y I got this!! :P* This tattoo on my right wrist exactly mirrors whts on my left wrist. A faint hairline scar. Most of the people who hav met me, hav seen the scar, but very few hav actually asked me why n when I did it . I hope its out of respect for my privacy.

This tattoo has a very symbolic meaning for me. Both the lines on both my hands represent two of the most difficult and life-altering choices I hav made. The scar on my left wrist was probably the most cowardly decision of my life, and yet I don’t regret it. Wht followed in the aftermath was the most beautiful time of my life, with the most beautiful person ever. I cherish all those times. But since life has a way of coming to a full circle, n leading u on a way u least expect to go, situations always change. Once again, I found myself in a situation where I wanted to get a quick way out, because I didn’t want to face the pain nemore. But this time, *a million thanks to GRL POWER -- Na, shilpa, moni, prani, all ILMB grls* I decided to face it and get the best out of it.

On one hand there is cowardliness and refusal and givin up... On the other I have strength and determination and acceptance. Both representing tough choices and both combined… Making me the person I am. It’s never easy to hide from ur pain… Because u carry it everywhere u go. Some ppl think that the ones who dun show their emotions, are made of stone.. bt are they that whn they face themselves? No. Even in the refusal, I had hellish times.. really tough times. n the tattoo.. it hurts a million times worse to let go of something’s that u want to hold onto. To accept things u need tht sort of will power that trust me, everyone has, bt it requires a lot of inner searching.

I have never, n will not ever, regret the times tht led me to these two choices. everything has taught me something, and now I know wht it is to hit rock bottom and find ur way up again. now whnever I m goin to be facing difficult times, which I m sure there will be many in life, I will look at both hands of the situations. Exactly like my both hands. I will hav two choices.. n I will know wht is the 'right' choice to make.


P.S : Wht has happened in the past, was a result of many things put together. Plz dun judge me on the basis of things u don’t know, much less even understand. Allryt? Thanks. Luv u all lots. Mwah!!

P.P.S : I LOVE MY TATTOO!!! YAY!!!! \m/ *i jus CANT stop grinning foolishly.. hehe*

She's my Guardian Angel..

She came into my life jus as a stranger..
From the other coast of the country..
The miles seperated us, but they couldnt stop..
Me from smiling whnever she came online..

The one i loved broke my heart.. and i was shattered..
I cried days on end.. shedding tears of loneliness..
Wishing it to be over soon..
Wishing i could be newher but here..

My heart broke into a million peices..
Scattering everywhere with each breath i took..
It was difficult to move ahead..
Because i was scared to take another step..

She burst through the darkness..
Like the 'hawtest' angel with wings of gold..
She pulled up up, and shook me wid words..
Both loving, soothing.. and sharp..

Till i began to see how much more i could do..
Than jus sit here and brood on wid the past..
She stayed wid me till i felt better..
Till i could smile again, thru the tears..

Thank u god, for sending me my angel..
Thank u angel, for making me see the way..
Thank u angel, for not givin up on me.. lik i gav up on myself..
Thank u angel, bcz u really are the BESTEST!!!

P.S: Dear Angel, u know who u are!! O, Hawest Godess!! The beautiful one wid the Halo!!... Thanks for everything!! I love u lots! Mwah!!!