Mar 11, 2009

I Wont Love You Any Less...

Its been 2 week since i hav seen u last
Its been a while since u held me in ur arms
Its been jus 2 weeks since u last smiled at me
But it feels lik an eternity, love...

I didnt know it wud be so easy for you to let me go
So easy to slam down the phone and ignore all calls
I didnt know i meant so little to insignificant
when all this while, u said words that said somethng else...

Moving on, u hav left me shattered.. and confused and lost..
So devoid of strength to pick up the scattered myraid peices..
I feel the gaze of a million mocking eyes, saying "wht was she thinking?!"
Ripping to shreds everythng i had worked so hard to build..

I miss the person who had swept me away years ago,
The one who stood waiting for me a whole night,
The one who sang sweet songs to be to ease my troubles
And the one who stayed awake.. jus to watch me sleep..

I saw u the other day with ur friends,
U were smiling and joking abt somethng i dunt know..
Did u knw, tht the breath swooshed out of my lungs,
Leaving an impossible pain in its wake..

To see u so calm and composed, No hint of sadness in ur eyes..
U seemed lik u had moved on already, erased me lik somethng wrong,
I made my way slowly back home tht day, my legs felt leaden
Thinking hard abt where life was taking me.. where was i goin?

I had no answers abt all the "Why's" in my head,
I had no insight on which way to take, or who to talk to,
But something stuck me hard, as i re-read all ur letters,
And cradled all the toys that sat alone inside my cupboard...

I knew ill never be able to forget u so easy,
I knew ill always miss u... no matter hw many miles seperate us,
And i know so true, that I wont love u any less than now..
simply cz ur, n will always be, the best thing that ever happened to me..

P.S: Thanks for everything Bubu.


अविनाश said...

Excellent piece of work

Lancelot said...

//To see u so calm and composed, No hint of sadness in ur eyes..
U seemed lik u had moved on already, erased me lik somethng wrong,//

says it all :) grow up kiddo...there is a huge wide world waiting for you to kickass... lets rock it...

IceMaiden said...

@maybe yes maybe not lancelot.. like they say, its complicated. n matter of d heart cant be so easily forgotten eh? :)

Lancelot said...

may not be easy but thats where your metal oops mettle is proved :) prove it to the world..

G said...

Girly-pooh!..i believe in YOU!!... i know ur in pain.. i wont tell you to "just move on"..cuz i know it feels bad :(
i wish u all the happiness in this world though!..and when life starts falling in place.. do remember .. i still and always will believe in YOU!!

and the writing is brilliant.. i can see it straight from ur heart..n i feel ur pain..

tke care... love ya..mwah!!

Karan said...

Hi thr...

I wud say...Savour the happy moments.. Learn frm the mistakes.. and Surge Ahead... Smeone bettr is waiting for you...

Good Luck fr th future...

and yes...the post is full of emotions...straight frm the heart...cud feel wht u r feelin.. and felt like commenting...

PS - I'm sure your Angel wud agree to th the 'Smeone Bettr' part...

Cheers... :) ..

Ashrita said...

I agree with Karan above. Someone better is surely waiting for you. You need to believe in yourself, and believe in miracles.

Great poem :)


Netika Lumb said...

Another thing, I really like the way you write.:)

IceMaiden said...

@ gargi, karan, ash...

i m trying really really hard!!! trust me. sometimes it feels lik i m doin a good job out of it... n sometime sit feel slik i m failing miserably.. life!!! wht can i say more!! :)

@ Netika Lumb..
thanks u so much!!! keep visiting.. :)

A.prem said...

awesome piece, straight from the heart.
All I can say is accept and march ahead, whether you find a better guy or not, live it happily for the many others who've stayed with you through thick and thin. Live your blessed life to the best you can :-)

>:D< :-*

Prabha said...
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Prabha said...

I know it hurts now , but there is a reason he din make it to your FUTURE. You need to be happy and move on , Yea life is a bitch , but we are way too kewler bitches right eh ? :P =))

>:d< mwah love ya :*

Lancelot said...

Please Check my blog - u have been awarded :0

Onward said...

I landed on ur blog from outta no where & u award me with this sad, touching piece of excellent work??!!...deary - shit happens!! dont dwell on it, move on..let go...there r better things waiting for u..

The easiest advices to take come from strangers..

ur concerned stranger.

IceMaiden said...


thanks for visitin my blog!!
like i said m tryin very very hard to get over all this.. bt no matter wht i jus cant seem to love the person ne less.. ironic?!

1st heartbreak is always hard to get over huh? :(

n ur words mean a lot. thank u for being concerned. m nt feeling as alone as before now.. :)

Comfortably Numb said...

Being perfect is so boring. To point out flaws is human. So turn against yourself and love someone for those faults is also human.


IceMaiden said...

@comfortably numb..

i love that person no matter hw perfect or hw NOT perfect.. it jus hurts to know tht we arent togethr nemore.. n yes being perfect is boring, bt dun we always end up dreamin/wishing for something tht resembles perfectness? do we ever wish for something thts imperfect? another irony of life.. :|

Onward said...

no its not ironic...i identify with u completely...i ve been there -actually i m still there..i just prefer to put on a brave face..thats just the way how guys r i guess..but deary believe ll pass...hasnt for me and i dunno if it will...but wats life without hope eh!!

IceMaiden said...


i still m in exactly the same phase.. dunno whn this will get over.. if at it gets over.. everyone says it will pass.. bt i dun quite believe it.. cz this reltnshp has taken a lot from me, n now i jus feel empty..

Onward said...

trust me when i say i know exactly how u feel..breaking up is never easy..i personally went through one after 6 years of togetherness..and the pain, the torture..uff..lets not go there..i m not saying u ll get over it..that actually depends on if u actually want to get over it..i m assuming u like me choose not to get over it..but u know...memories will always be there but in time u ll get used to it..u ll get used to this newness..u ll get used to wat has me

IceMaiden said...


oh my gosh!!! 6 years!!! man, ur brave... talkin to u guys makes it a hell lot easier than it wud have been... thanks a lot!!!! :)

Adisha said...

A story about love, wrapped in the arms of love ... touching !!


IceMaiden said...


thanks!! u hav a lovely blog too..

totalliemeh said...
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totalliemeh said...

thankyou for following me. no,not that sort of a thankyou..i mean, if you hadn't, then i would have missed my chance to read this is a scary coincidence.
so this is how i feel..funny..(i meant you sorta gave words to the feelings)

following ur blog found me frm pink orchid's blog?

nice template,loved it!!..and this is the first blog i've ever seen with fonts that was really comfortable to read it...

why word verification?


March 19, 2009 8:00 AM

IceMaiden said...

@damsel in distress...

hello!! :)

umm, i m not following ur blog, not that i know of anyway... bt i am now!! its cool. i hav been on pink orchid's blog, but i think u hav mistaken me for someone else. neway, welcome here. :) :P :D

n yes, this is the plain old minima black template, i edited some of the HTML codes myself to giv it this background. i keep changing it all d time, next time u may see somethng else.hehe. works na?

seeya around sometime, cheers,

totalliemeh said...

ah..sorry!! its that,this person ste was following me, i clicked on one link, and thot it was u,must've been sleeping..! i am really sorry abt that..may was destined to stumble on to ur blog. ah,i am used to such blunders:)

well, i guess no harm done..
thanx for following..

IceMaiden said...

@damsel in distress..

lolz. no worries dear!!! yes maybe it was destined to happen... cz i loved ur blog!!! :) great work!! n i usually end up following awesome blogs!! :) :P :D

Shwetha Maiya said...

Its up to you. Whether you become strong with this experience or not. Like all other crappy advices I ain't asking you to forget and move on. Learn from life and its mistakes.If its meant to for you , you'll stick it out and your love will come back to you. Just don't waste your life dear. Enjoy while you can! :) TC.

priyanka pawde.. said...

hey i landed up on ur blog frm kd's to say this piece brought tears to my eyes..quite empathise with u..cheers..

IceMaiden said...


Hey there! Welcome here... Thanks for liking my poem! :)

By any chance, how do you know KD? were u in VJTI?? Bcz I was there too! :)


priyanka pawde.. said...

hey ,
yup..kd's classmate..must say gurly u write very well.actually i went thru a breakup arnd d same tym too..n some of ur posts have really helped me a lot ! cheers :)

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