Jan 11, 2011

Day# 11

Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality.

“Whats your sunsign?” always features as one of questions asked by me with people I am getting to know. I know some people dismiss this as crap, but I totally believe in sunsigns and sunsign matches. Swear by Linda Goodman! The woman has me allllll figured out :D
"Then it doesn't matter which way you walk," said the Cat.
"-So long as I get somewhere," Alice added as an explanation.
"Oh, you're sure to do that," said the Cat,
"- if you only walk long enough."
Symbol: The Centaur / The Archer
Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Sagittarius is a Fire sign - Fire signs are considered masculine, positive, assertive, active, outgoing, and motivating. They do things, stir things up, take action, go after what they want, make things happen. 

Sagittarius is also a Mutable Sign. The Mutable personalities all deal directly with the application of ideas and information. These people are known for being flexible, easygoing, adaptable, and willing to "adjust" as their way of working with the world.

* Friendly, optimistic, enthusiastic
* Extroverted approach to life, free spirited
* Honest, straight-forward, often blunt
* Candid, curious, impatient
* Opinionated, self-righteous, sincere
* Extravagant, IMPULSIVE, loves being pampered in silks and shoes :)
* Restless, impulsive, freedom-loving
* Lover of nature and animals
* Self educating, desires knowledge, intellectuals
* Overly critical,  demanding, rigid
* TACTLESS, suffers(?) from foot-n-mouth disease :)
* Eager, adventurous, carefree
* Blindly optimistic (and that's just plain dumb of me, if you ask me!)
* Open and honest ('what you see is what you get' is what most friends describe me as)
* Flirtatious, Sensual, cant be tied down for long
* NOT a leader on most occasions, make great followers :)
* Extremely protective of friends
* Creative & Imaginative
* Restless, cant stand a normal easy going life, get mighty bored of monotony! (something interesting has to happen frequently, it will just kill me to be stuck in a 50s movie! :D)
* Awesome teachers (I agree, ask my kids :) :) :P)

I go great with pretty much all signs - But the ones I hit it off in an instant are the other Fire Signs (Leo & Aries). Air Signs almost always end up becoming best friends -  Aquarius & Libra in particular. Water & Earth signs have obvious differences with me, but I end up making friends of them too :)

P.S: I believe in the personality traits of sunsigns, almost to a point of being prejudiced :P but I DON'T believe in the love matches made by sunsigns. I have found loving sweethearts in the most unlikely sunsigns before, so well, boo to that :)
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Anonymous said...

hey I am a libran (hi5!)too!!! lets see if we end up being friends..:P but maybe we wont cz I am a libra-scorpio cusp!

Raj said...

being a cusp sometimes one knows not what to believe :)

but yes there are some thing about sun signs that i do see in myself.

Raj said...

i half read day8, about the gym part, if u really r interested, go in the evenings. about 6 or 7 if u reach home by then. else latyer, but before diner.

SLEEP in the mornings :P

bliss said...

i believe in sun signs too!! although its more of a fun thing than anything else, you know. its kinda fascinating to read about these different personality traits. and Linda Goodman has a lot of people figured out correctly :P
btw, do you know archers are supposed to have a keen psychic sense too??? :D

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