Jan 18, 2011

Day# 18

Plans/dreams/goals you have?

I can make a never-ending list out of that, but everything can essentially be summarized with three simple lines.

  1. Earn crazy amount of money :D
  2. Find the man of my dreams
  3. Have a life that is more happy than sad, and sign off that way :)

P.S: Saw Band Bajaa Baarat over the weekend and I officially have a crush on Bitto Sharma :D Clich├ęd but still a great watch! Esp, for the dilli walo ki language :D 
Now Playing: Ainvayi Ainvayi | Band Baja Baarat


Crazy Blogger said...

I love that song

Raj said...

wanna know mine? they are absolutely crazy! :P

get my bike to work on whiskey. :P
and it aint impossible

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