Jan 21, 2011

Day# 21

Bullet your whole day.

21st Jan 2011 technically began at 12.00AM so here goes:
  • Slept at 2.35AM
  • Woke up at 9.30 AM
  • Put BB songlist on speaker shuffle
  • Switched on laptop
  • Replied to some work mails (sigh.)
  • Logged on to Facebook
  • Checked comments on blogger
  • Planned a photowalk weekend in my head as I went for my bath
  • Packed camera and clothes for the same
  • Donning awesome CK glares, stepped out of the house :P
  • Tried to wait for the bus for 3.257 minutes
  • Failed at waiting for the bus and took an auto
  • Took photos of the traffic, Aarey & the surprised autowala
  • Congratulated self on getting his face perfect in that mirror :D
  • Checked in at work
  • Replied to mails
  • Wrote mails
  • Coffee break
  • Replied to some more mails
  • Wrote some more mails
  • Went for lunch and had prawn rice
  • Chitchatted with a friend who was back after sick leave
  • Replied to many more mails
  • Wrote many more mails
  • Coffee break
  • Wasted a lot of paper taking printouts that were not needed & hated it
  • Celebrated good news
  • Coffee break
  • Facebooked - started status thread about girl on girl action
  • Concluded that men are stupid and perverted
  • Got a tiny chunk of some major conference stuff done
  • Congratulated self
  • Realized the poor engineer inside me is dying a slow shameful death
  • Read some xckd to revive it back
  • Heck! Its FRIDAY!
  • Gave up
  • Packed up
  • Leaving from work now
(Projected rest of the day)
  • Donuts at MOD, Powai
  • Long talk with a long lost friend
  • Home
  • Movie spree 
  • Dinner
  • Good night kiss
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

P.S: That was long and uneventful. Damnit I'm having boring Fridays, SO NOT ME! :|
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Raj said...

my friday:

woke up late, ran to class, got thrown out.(thanked god for that)

had tea at nescafe, went to class again, realized that there was a surprise test which was quite a shock.
gracefully tiptoed to the last bench and took a certain someone with me. the certain someone aced the test. the copy paste engineer that i am, so did i.
walked out, went on a date. (not technically a date(sigh), but we had coffee and pizzas and did a wholesome amount of flirting so maybe)
played games on the lan.
went to the gym.
got drunk.
took a bus to delhi ie home.
had temptation(chocolate) too on the bus.
slept like a baby. woke up when in delhi.
took an auto home.
opened disgusting blogs.
then typed whitelilies and found another blog.
finally typed whitelilyz and found the right one.

saturday projections: find someone nice to talk too.
write on that someones chatbox.
have fun.
and waffles.

bliss said...

well putting your day the way you did, it makes me imagine you running around doing each one of those things one after another, like a video playing in fast forward :P
that definitely makes it interesting :D
but it was interesting enough anyways, trust me *sigh* (sigh is to emphasize that mine was much more boring, in case you missed the idea there)
its 21st day and almost close to the end of your this 30days blog thing. keep it going even after this month, though, if you can. i kinda look forward to it, wondering what does Annie have to say today :)

Anonymous said...

Pretty Neat and tidy

Anupam Gupta said...

lol....You know EXACTLY how my day went...

Got up....Bad mood
Got ready...Bad mood
Went to office...Bad mood
Swore a lot...
had no mails to answer
Swore some more
Swore around Dallas
Typed random capital letters in your window..
Swore at Dallas some more..
Met you
Ate..Swore...Came up with AWESOME FB Statuses..:P (I think they themselves deserve a post)
Went home in a good mood (Thanks to you) :)
Swore some more..(Just for good measure) and slept...

All in all...One of my not so OK but in the end pretty good days..:)

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