Jan 28, 2011

Day# 28

A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?

 2009 @Mumbai Times Cafe
(Btw, those bangles belong to Isha :P 
& this was one of the rare fun time of oh-my-god-what-the-fuck-is-this-crap 2009)

2010 @PopTates
(I was just observing traffic! :P 
& this was I suppose the beginning of finally-here good times)

How have I changed?
Looking back to that picture, its dawning upon me how much I was struggling to keep things together then. There was nothing wrong as such, great job and plenty of time and everything, but I was still missing something. And that was making me restless. A lot.

And now?
I have crazy work hours, no time for anything, and pretty much what can be called a roller coaster life. When I am not working, I'm occupied with other things I love & that means I dont have time to waste on stupid activities or stupid jobless people. And I'm loving it! :D

And what happened in between?
I abandoned my degree learning (software developing) and jumped feet first into something I knew nothing about (marketing), had my work change dramatically along with responsibilities and timings, started reconnecting with long lost friends which felt good, lost touch with a few old ones which felt bad, said goodbye to all my best friends who left for US, got depressed that life was going nowhere sometime in the middle, then got into some major messes :P, made some really good and bad memories, watched Sachin bat live \m/, had back to back two love-at-first-sight's - my Nikon & my Blackberry :P, had the craziest 23rd birthday party, finally let go of some things and said the final goodbye.

P.S: Oh and I got specs!! :D
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Novocaine said...

First ever picture :) Nice!

The Wanderer said...

2010 ke liye chashme wala photo lagaana tha na.. voh Office Trad Day album wala

Raj said...

you grew up :)

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